American idol hollie and josh dating emily revenge

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american idol hollie and josh dating emily revenge

Cancelled the bachelor farts twice on busy. Daughter, rebecca emily vancamp, Close to was asked by holly madison. Board spokesman josh plot news. Year in and year out, the American Idol judges' panel claims the current crop of contestants is the best. Phillip a David Cook while season 8 would raise Joshua an Adam Lambert . PAGEBREAK]But as soon as Hollie was finished icily suggesting that Emily Thorne should stop dating her son Daniel, she. Jessica Sanchez showdown of American Idol's eleventh season catsuit with side-leg cutouts (!) grabbing Joshua Ledet and turning 11 standouts Phillip Phillips, Skylar Laine, and Hollie Cavanagh. . to take us past pm, and thereby cut into Idoloonies' Revenge time (over on ABC). . Emily says.

Surprisingly, though, on Wednesday night I wasn't running from Hollie Cavanagh, who all but sealed a slot in the Top 5 thanks to a little help from her friends the producers pimp spot! First off was "Save Me" from Queen, one of those songs that can either work for you — literally demanding Idol's voting fanbase to dial your number — or against you, placing you in the ranks of previous Idols with unfortunate cast-off songs.

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Indeed, "You Can't Win. Still, Hollie is hardly powerful enough to reach Idol's confetti-filled summit, but this could help her climb the list of Idol's power players. Especially when Jessica Sanchez seems to be inviting Hollie to fill her teen-friendly slot in the competition.

Ever since the contestant flirted with elimination two weeks back, she has yet to show us the return of that perky performer who somehow sucked in the maturity of a something diva and channeled it into jaw-dropping performances like "I Will Always Love You.

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The gorgeous dress, dramatic lighting, wind machine that has gotten so much play, it might as well be named the seventh contestant — not to mention the vote-friendly family story behind her choosing the song.

That said, though many might feel sympathy that Jessica's father is being deployed to Singapore, she may be in danger of real elimination Thursday night.

Not only because she was forced to sing in that cursed No. In fact, even though J. Lo claimed Jessica's "Dance With My Father" was the best version of the song she had ever heard, the trio failed to give the singer anything close to a standing ovation.

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Who doesn't reach for the pre-sale button knowing the contestant has a song under her noose-covered belt called "Diamond-Studded Pistol"? What religious Colton Dixon fan doesn't shift their votes to Skylar after hearing she has a God-inspired tattoo?

american idol hollie and josh dating emily revenge

Who doesn't turn up their televisions hearing her bursting version of "The Show Must Go On," which came refreshingly devoid of the emotional histrionics reserved for most big Idol numbers?

And who doesn't have a hard time believing that "Tattoos on This Town" is actually a Jason Aldean song, and not a Skylar Laine original? Any other year, Skylar would be considered a favorite to win the whole shebang, but, with Joshua clinching the judge support, the young country star in the making might have to settle for being Idol's dark horse.

american idol hollie and josh dating emily revenge

Still, I have a feeling this dark horse could ride straight into the finale, diamond-studded pistol in hand. Readers, who do you think is the smartest Idol left? Was it not-so-smart for Hollie to accidentally call Skylar "thick-boned?

Did you wish Jimmy Iovine was around Wednesday to wear hats and coach contestants into choosing the wrong song? Why did Randy choose to talk when the pin on his jacket, "Yo," could have pretty much done all the work for him? And while waiting to hear the expected news that he was 'safe,' Joshua told Seacrest he would like to make music with a message.

Back in the bottom two: Hollie has found herself at risk of elimination in five out of the last six weeks Hollie and Phillip Phillips were the next up, with Hollie doing slightly better in Iovine's opinion, with her impressive performance of Tina Turner's River Deep Mountain High.

american idol hollie and josh dating emily revenge

As Hollie waited for the results, Seacrest quizzed her on where her 'sudden burst of confidence' came from. Iovine criticised Phillip's song choices on last night's show and said he should be in the bottom two Bland: Iovine said Phillip was just 'coasting' but predicted his fan base would keep him safe Hugging it out: The female fan favourite joined Joshua and Jessica on the couches of safety Phillip, meanwhile, was criticised for last night's choice of two 'bland' songs, electing to sing Box Tops song The Letter and Zombies number Time of the Season.

Iovine said he was 'coasting' on the show.

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In my opinion, in performances alone Predictably, Phillip was safe, while Hollie found herself in the bottom two for the fifth time in six weeks. Everybody please vote for the best.

To make matters worse, we'd already been warned that this charade was about to happen. Could have used a spoiler alert there Steven!

Are josh and holly on american idol dating

That tinkling sound you hear behind you is bits of evil gargoyle overlord Nigel Lythgoe's granite teeth crumbling to the floor from over-clenching. Anyway, the judges saved Jessica. Ryan Seacrest carried on his annual tradition of separating the top and bottom three contestants and then making the only officially "safe" person -- Skylar Laine -- "pick the group you think you belong with.

Jimmy Iovine had predicted Hollie, Phillip, and Elise for the bottom three. After Joshua and Jessica landed there instead, Jimmy growled, "I'm gonna get a new flat-screen. Best wishes to Sebastian the crab on his continued wealth. James Durbin -- that mythical creature with the tail from season 10 -- returned with blonde ambition to scream "Higher Than Heaven," off his debut album Memories of a Broken Disaster.