Andrea begley and danny odonoghue dating

Andrea Begley on working with 'charming and attractive' Danny O'Donoghue

andrea begley and danny odonoghue dating

The Voice's Andrea Begley: Danny O'Donoghue is a gent 'We've been dating for a couple of months – it's someone I've known for a while,'. Moment of victory: Andrea Begley with Danny O'Donoghue of The Script, Andrea Begley, the Co Tyrone singer who won the BBC's The Voice. 'I am now dating a special someone': Danny O'Donoghue opens up . Winner: Danny's contestant Andrea Begley won this year's series of The.

Oh no, I think he's quite private about his personal life really. He never volunteered any information on that front and I never asked because obviously that's his business. So I don't know what the score is on that front, I'm not sure what his current status is!

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How did you feel about that? We spoke at the after-party, and he told me he just wanted to support his act the whole way. He said he didn't wish any ill towards me and that if I had been his act he would have been just as supportive of me.

andrea begley and danny odonoghue dating

I don't hold any hard feeling whatsoever; Will's a great guy. You've got a lot of Twitter followers; have you been asked out any dates through the site?

andrea begley and danny odonoghue dating

No dates, but I've had a few marriage proposals! That was at the beginning of The Voice, someone wanted me to marry him and move to Belgium.

The Voice’s Andrea Begley: Danny O’Donoghue is a gent

I think I might have had an approach from Peru, as well. So at least there are opportunities to travel! Do you get time for a personal life yourself at the moment?

I do get some downtime, but obviously with so much going on with the album, the promo and everything, it's very busy and it's difficult to make time for myself. At the end of the day this is my concentration. I have been getting to go out with my friends and all that, so it's not all work, there's some play as well. That's a good question. I think I would quite like to work with Kylie, because she's a girl, and she's had so much experience in the industry.

Being a female in the industry and having as long a career as she's had, I think she could offer a lot to any contestant. She's very glam, and she comes across as a really nice person as well, so I think it would be wonderful to work with her. I've watched X Factor and Britain's Got Talent for years and really enjoyed them, but when The Voice came along I just thought it was something different. I liked the spinning chairs and who the judges were, and I particularly loved The Script's music.

I thought Danny did a great job as a judge and mentor on the show.

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She visited the Radio 1 Live Lounge where the band played with newcomer, singer Indiana. The Irish band have a worldwide fanbase and are in the process of recording new material Heartthrob: I can understand that. The Duke was in hospital for exploratory surgery.

andrea begley and danny odonoghue dating

I am sure it weighed on her mind. At one point Jessie J stormed off because she was furious with Will.

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But later that night they hugged and made up. We were more boisterous with each other. Danny's contestant Andrea Begley won this year's series of The Voice, although he has now decided to quit Had enough: During the first series, Danny split up with his Lithuanian model girlfriend of four years Irma Mali.

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So is there a new woman in his life? The singer is cagey on the subject. Towards the end of the first series of The Voice last May, rumours abounded that Danny was having an affair with Bo Bruce, the aristocratic contestant he was mentoring.

Hers was an unhappy childhood and Bo had taken out a restraining order on her father and successfully won a personal battle against drink and drug abuse. By not saying anything, it created its own buzz. But I said we could use all the attention to help her.

andrea begley and danny odonoghue dating

Both Danny and Jesse have announced their decision to leave the show with their replacements yet to be named Helping hand: We could easily have been photographed with her, and people could have said the same thing about either of us — that we were in a relationship with her,' says Danny. I co-wrote her single Alive. They have bought themselves homes in suburban West London, but nothing ostentatious.

andrea begley and danny odonoghue dating

Most of their money has been reinvested in their growing business empire, which includes their own record and music publishing company. Mark and Danny were in a boy band called My Town as teenagers back in They then moved to America, spending 11 years writing music for other, bigger names: It was a wise move; their three albums have to date sold more than five million.

On tour, the band keep busy during the day by writing and recording in a portable studio, erected in a quiet space backstage and equipped with its own soundproof audio booth. It keeps them out of mischief, they say, and means they can ready their next album.