Bi dance to ji hyo and gary dating

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bi dance to ji hyo and gary dating

In the early days of the show, relative newcomer Gary seemed almost in awe of beautiful actress Song Ji Hyo. It was in episode 10 that the two. Annyeong (◕‿◕) Am i the only one who ship JiHyo with every guest in Running Man? That's when B.I impresses everyone with his dancing skills. And of course Gary oppa at the end was so jealouse he said, "Something was off throughout the day. After they finished their mission they went in a date. Gary & Song Ji Hyo enjoy a date at Hongdae on "Running Man". KdramaÇiftler Flört Etmek . running man ep dance party Bi Rain, Geek, Sevimli Çocuklar.

It seemed as if fans were primarily divided into two categories- ones who totally believed that the Monday couple was real and others who felt it was an act but secretly wished they were really dating.

As their relationship progressed, it was easy to notice that Gary and Ji Hyo seemed different than before. The awkwardness was gone and in its place there appeared to be something bordering on genuine affection. Usually, at least one of the people involved will start developing feelings for the other. To many fans, it seemed like Gary genuinely had some feelings for Ji Hyo or at least had a crush on her in a star-struck kind of way. However, the difference in real life is that when a person who is supposed to be in a platonic relationship begins to develop feelings for the other person, it causes a lot of awkwardness.

Whereas most friends would take a step back and start seeing less of each other, Ji Hyo and Gary still saw each other on a weekly basis as coworkers. Meanwhile, they believed Gary still harbored feelings for her or, at least, a sentimental crush over what might have been.

bi dance to ji hyo and gary dating

Whatever the fans believed though, things truly did seem different as their onscreen relationship started moving forward after the th episode or so. So, did that mean that it was just an act before, while later it had become real? Fans continued to debate the issue, and rumors spread that the two were secretly dating. Apart from fans though, even other stars were somewhat confused by their relationship. What makes the Monday couple so believable is their natural chemistry.

  • Running Man’s Monday Couple: Fact or Fiction?

Somewhere along the way, the producers realized that the Monday couple was pure gold and began to purposefully make situations for them to shine. Even with the contrived and scripted situations, however, there seemed to be something real and genuine in the actions of our Monday couple.

People see it in their looks, their behavior, their natural skinship and even in their conversation. All of this aside though, the question still remains today. Is the Monday couple real? Has it ever been real? Do Ji Hyo and Gary truly like each other? In an interview once, Ji Hyo said she missed Gary who was elsewhere filming. She recently generated interest when she admitted that sometimes Gary felt like an ex-boyfriend.

bi dance to ji hyo and gary dating

So what do they say? I hope they can be an everyday couple, not only on Monday!

iKON’s B.I Tries to Win Song Ji Hyo’s Heart With a Dance on “Running Man”

He wavers for a moment before pulling her behind him, and his female teammates push her off. Angry, Team Ji stampedes into them to force their opponents off their platform. In their individual interviews, Andy, Stephanie, and Seol-hyun all suspect Jong-kook and several people suspect Seolhyun.

Everything about this setup brings up old memories, and Kwang-soo chimes in how he and his fellow soldiers hated Jong-kook and his oh-so-romantic character.

bi dance to ji hyo and gary dating

So they begin, and Ji-hyun hesitates on the very first question: With that, our first confrontation begins with Chae Yeon vs. Ji-min throws the first punch: And then Ji-min delivers the final blow: When Jong-soo is sent out next, Ji-hyun says if all else fails, he can try to flirt with Ji-min.

Goodbye Gary: Reasons why we'll miss the 'Monday Couple'

Whoa, what a line. But then Ji-min returns that what he said had no effect on her. That shakes Jong-soo up for a moment before trying a weak acrostic poem attack. She returns the favor with a killer line: He may be married with a kid now, but would he dig deep and revert back to his flirtatious variety persona of yore?

He makes sure to openly declare on camera that this is solely for work, and starts off with one compliment. She takes the latter route, and follows up with: It is his given name is Kim Han-bin. She asks in English what it stands for, and B. So they both for the name attack, and Stephanie wins by asking if his stage name is akin to a failed underwear brand BIC.

Kang Gary Answered For Dating Rumor With Song Ji Hyo - Kang Gary Fan

Now the score is tied 4: But as of now the game: Suk-jin starts off with a song performance and uses a cheat sheet, which Jae-suk steals way. It seems like Suk-jin has his eye on Seolhyun, but then he opens up his jacket to reveal a picture of… Ji-hyo?

She looks pretty uncomfortable about it.

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Jae-suk tries it out too, and I have to say—the hip dance part is pretty good. His smooth rap lyrics of how he wants to make the woman who makes the world laugh, smile himself is downright adorable. He follows that up with a powerful dance performance and a cute little backhug.

Last but not least is Kwang-soo, who hopes to convey his sincerity to his special someone. Even before he sings, he covers Ji-hyo with his coat… which she shrugs right off. He tries taking his sweater off to cover Ji-min, but she chucks that away too. Kwang-soo is not pleased.

bi dance to ji hyo and gary dating

She passes on the offer. Gary choose Seolhyun, who smiles and accepts. As expected, Bobby and Ji-min pair up.