Big brother danielle and shane still dating

Big Brother Showmances and Flirtmances

big brother danielle and shane still dating

'Big Brother OTT': Danielle Urges Fans to Vote for Shelby to Win the Game I thought about Shane the entire time I was in the house. a shame we didn't get to work together cause that would have been a really, really good. Big Brother Alumni Discussion Forum. Danielle and Shane are solid ~ — Danielle Lickey (@queendanibbott) February 13, thought of crazy Danielle and Shane and was like 'huh? they are together?. Big Brother: Over the Top's Danielle: Jason Staying in the Game Means More to Me But I'm very happy that he still gets the opportunity to chase his . you safe this week, let's work together in final four, we can do final three.

You said it was harder to sit on the block next to Jason than Shane. I spent a lot of time with Jason. I spent four weeks more with Jason than I did with Shane. We really had a chance to build our friendship and a mutual respect for each other because at one point we were the only ones left in the game who really loved the game. I think we connected on that level.

There wasn't anyone else in the house, especially our alliance, who were superfans of the show. I think we both wanted to see each other do well because of that fact. It was definitely hard sitting next to him. I wanted to go to the end with him and be in the final three with him.

But I'm very happy that he still gets the opportunity to chase his dream and possibly win the game. You pretty much resigned to leaving after you lost the Veto.

Did you really never consider campaigning against him? I knew when I got put on the block with Jason that that's just not my character to do that. To me friendship is more important than anything else. Not anything else, but anything else in the game. I really cherish the friendships I made. I would've felt bad throwing him under the bus or even saying why I should stay over him.

I kind of wanted the house to do what they wanted to do. And I was going to respect their decision because we were both big threats for different reasons. I have a lot to go home to, I have a lot to look forward to.

I have other dreams and aspirations other than just playing Big Brother. This is Jason's whole life.

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He loves and lives for this game more than I do. I knew that by me leaving, he would get to stay and Danielle and Jason, Big Brother: Azar, CBS I love that we've had two people give up their games for someone else. Scott gave up his for Alex and now you for Jason. I just felt like that was something I could give to Jason. I don't think I would ever be able to give him anything better than that.

If it would've been him and me at the end, I probably would've been more excited for him if he won than I would be if I won. So I'm really happy he stayed and I really, really hope that he has a good week this week and that he doesn't go home.

Why do you think Shelby and Morgan wanted you out first over Jason? I think when it gets down to this part of the game, it's not so much having a strong social game; it's more about being strong in competitions. I think they felt like Jason has a strong social game, but he's not a big threat in competitions. I've shown that I'm good at comps, so I think that's why they sent me home first. It gives them a better chance to win HOH this week and to win the Veto. If you had been on the block with Kryssie or Justinwould you have campaigned against them?

You were already wary of Justin's loyalties and him flipping on you guys. I would've definitely campaigned against Justin for sure, percent. I probably would've campaigned against Kryssie also. I adore Kryssie, she's part of my alliance, but as a game player, I felt like I probably deserved to stay over her just because I played harder than she did.

I wouldn't have thrown Kryssie under the bus, but I would've pitched to Shelby and Morgan why it would benefit them more to keep me versus keeping Kryssie. I would just tell them what I had to offer, what I would bring to the table. I wouldn't have said anything bad [about] Kryssie. I probably would've campaigned the most if I were against Justin. Do you regret not evicting Justin in the double? You know what, Jason gave me advice before I left to not play "what ifs? I felt like I was very loyal to my alliance and that was something that was important to me coming into the game.

I wanted to be loyal to my alliance because you don't see that often and I wanted to prove that you can get far in the game by being loyal. You don't always have to stab people in the back and turn on your alliance. I don't regret keeping him safe. He knows that he's there because of me.

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He'll never be able to forget that. It doesn't matter how far he goes in the game.

big brother danielle and shane still dating

He's literally still there because I put him there. I was the one who was like, "No. Make it a tie. I'll break it and save him. Over the Top's Whitney on her "dumb" remark: Please insert foot in mouth If you had won the Veto and stayed this week, what was your game plan going forward?

Would you have worked with Shelby and Morgan if they were both still around? In doing that, I probably would've went to Shelby and said, "If I keep you safe this week, let's work together in final four, we can do final three. I feel like you were the one winning the competitions in your alliance. But no, I never felt like that. Why do you think that was?

And what do you think it was about Jason that Justin felt like he could trust more? At the end of the day, that was his choice, and I respect that because I really want to see Jason do well.

Big Brother Showmances and Flirtmances

So his not trusting me kind of pushed Jason forward, and I just hope that they can stay aligned throughout the rest of the game. You went through a lot in this house. You had to endure a lot of bullying from Scott pretty early on in the game. What was that like for you? I was bullied my whole life growing up, so it has a really soft spot in my heart. We were able to put it aside and play the game and I was able to leave him on a good note, but in that moment, I felt like he was attacking me personally and it was kind of upsetting.

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I am actually very, very surprised. They kind of wrote us all off early on, and that really made our alliance closer. Tell me a little bit about that fake alliance you made last week with Jason, Shelby, and Morgan. What were you trying to accomplish with that?

big brother danielle and shane still dating

And do you think it hurt your credibility with them in the long run? It definitely backfired, definitely hurt my credibility, because up until that point, I was able to say that I had never broken my word to anyone.

big brother danielle and shane still dating

They had been telling us all season that they were going to do one thing and then they did another, and so we just kind of wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine. And maybe in that, made a deal with Shelby to keep her safe over Justin, and work with her going through the game because I did see her as a strong player.