Dating model 29 2 smith and wesson 44 magnum

Smith & Wesson Model 29 - Wikipedia

dating model 29 2 smith and wesson 44 magnum

What erupted immediately after that wasn't the roar of a Mag., but a frenzied public clamoring for an S&W Model which, at that time. Join Date: Jun Posts: 4. Liked: 9 times. Model serial #. Hi, New to forum, I have a 44s&W magnum model with serial # A Model 2 serial number should start with a "N" prefix - example: N Many people have questions about how to identify a S&W revolver and up 29 that I bought 2 months ago, is actually a Pre Magnum 4.

Smith & Wesson Model 29

But the offers even more versatility. When loaded with heavy, hard-hitting, solid projectiles, it is an effective defense against bears and other wild predators. So why not use hollow point expanding projectiles against bears? The answer is lack of penetration. Bears are big animals with thick hides that are much tougher than the human skin. Bears also have massive bone structures and tough muscles that work together to protect the animal and make it more difficult to reach vital organs.

And doing damage to vital organs is necessary to stop a bear in the midst of a charge.

dating model 29 2 smith and wesson 44 magnum

A hard cast grain or heavier bullet has the energy to penetrate hide, bone and muscle and do serious damage to internal organs, where a hollow point bullet is more likely to begin expanding on impact, which slows it down and reduces penetration, so it may not go deep enough to inflict charge-stopping damage.

Other shots may take too long to stop the bear before it can do damage. So obtaining ammo is not difficult. Ammunition is supplied by major manufactures and smaller specialty manufacturers who specialize in certain loads and cater to select clientele.

dating model 29 2 smith and wesson 44 magnum

While the Model is available in a variety of versions with different features, a 4-inch barreled standard version was evaluated for this article. Up front, the gun sports a blued steel ramp sight with a bright orange insert that demands attention when aiming.


The rear sight is also blued steel and is adjustable for both windage and elevation by turning adjustment screws. It has a white outline to aid in acquisition when in a hurry. Since the gun can accommodate so many different. Shipping a firearm to the U. We will not ship ammunition to the USA. International Buyers other than USA: We will no longer ship any firearms or ammunition to international buyers.

Smith & Wesson 29-2 VS Smith and Wesson 29-10

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dating model 29 2 smith and wesson 44 magnum

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dating model 29 2 smith and wesson 44 magnum

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