Dev patel and freida pinto dating

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dev patel and freida pinto dating

Patel and Pinto were together for nearly six years until they broke up in December Dev and I are best friends, that's never going to change.". Uncover the reason behind Dev Patel and Freida Pinto's split. Who's she dating currently.. USA Today Pinto seemed to have.. about her. 'I had a midlife crisis at 28': Freida Pinto tells why her relationship with Slumdog Millionaire co-star Dev Patel hit the rocks. Actress Freida Pinto, 32, thinks she might have had one. Yes, it seems – when Freida’s crisis hit she was enjoying Hollywood success and was in a.

Who's she dating currently?

dev patel and freida pinto dating

Dev and Frieda recently hit the news when they broke up in both the recently again got the news when she finally revealed the reason for their split. Freida Selena Pinto aka Frieda Pinto is an Indian actress and is has done remarkable jobs on the screen so what's her life going off the screen.

  • Freida Pinto and Dev Patel split after almost six years together
  • Freida Pinto opens up about her shock split from Dev Patel
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After the split with long-term boyfriend Dev Patel, is she dating someone? Frieda Pinto love life after a split with ex-boyfriend Dev Patel It's hard to end any relationship after getting close and seeing each other for ages. We all hoped that this ex-couple could end up like the movie Slumdog Millionaire but the story went in another way.

Freida Pinto reveals why she split with Dev Patel | Daily Mail Online

The news became overnight gossips for the internet, many fans were heartbroken by this awful news. A post shared by Freida Pinto freidapinto on Jan 24, at 9: On the other hand, Freida is having her fun with her new polo player beau, Ronnie Bacardi.

dev patel and freida pinto dating

Their relationship is probably strengthening, as they get spotted enjoying each other's company. Freida, making an exit with her beau from Nice Guy Club on March 25, Let's hope for the very best for the couple's future!

Her parents are from Mangalore, a coastal town in southern India which makes her ethnicity Mangalorean. She is well known for her smash hit Slumdog Millionaire, which was indeed her debut movie and has performed in many TV series and films since then.

Her current projects are Jungle Book: Origins and The Path: Pinto revealed her role in the movie 'Jungle Book: She expressed her happiness and excitement for the film and her role of Mowgli's adoptive mother in the movie.

Freida Pinto and Dev Patel split after six years together | Daily Mail Online

But once you figure that out, then it doesn't really matter. It is actually very relaxing. It is fun and liberating. It is an experience that I completely embrace".

dev patel and freida pinto dating

She ended the relationship in January and began dating her Slumdog Millionaire co-star Dev Patel. There is no man over woman and vice versa. Feminism is a very misconstrued and misunderstood topic.

Frieda Pinto arrives at Oscar party with boyfriend Ronnie Bacardi

As soon as we say feminism, it does not mean all men should become subordinate and women should be the ones who rule the world.

The only way we can have a progressive and successful country or world is when men and women treat each other as equals. In fact, what we're saying is let's do this in the most civilized possible way ever". The company denied claims of retouching Pinto's picture.