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Professor Jennifer Martin / Staff Profile / The University of Newcastle, Australia

jenn and jc dating sim

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Contact Translating research into practice and policy Optimising choice, dose and timing of medicines for a particular patient are the focus of Professor Jennifer Martin's clinical work and research career. Working in the Hunter New England Local Health District, Jennifer leads a team of pharmacy and medicine experts together with pharmacoepidemiologists and pharmacoeconomists, who work across a number of areas including cancer.

Most often centering on therapeutic drugs, the team look at everything from the design and development of drugs, to the clinical trials process, through to the post-marketing phase, where data is collected on how effective those drugs are in practice, and any side effects they might have. Although likely to polarise opinion, the study could significantly improve the well being of terminal patients at the end of life.

To be conducted in two phases, the trial will assess the ability of cannabis to relieve symptoms including fatigue, low appetite, altered taste and smell for food, low mood, weight loss, nausea, insomnia and pain relief. Jennifer believes the team was chosen to run the pharmacology aspects of the cannabis trial due to the long history of excellence in the UON Clinical Pharmacology department previous Chairs include Emeritus Professor Tony Smith and Professor David Henryand the high level of analytical support offered by the University of Newcastle, led by Dr Peter Galettis.

In line with her focus on optimising the therapeutic benefits of medication, Jennifer sees this trial as a vital opportunity to assess and quantify a drug already being used by many extremely ill patients. The first phase of the trial will produce world-class pharmacokinetic analysis and sophisticated modelling to inform drug dosage and frequency of administration.

To further ensure consistency throughout the trial, vaporisers have been chosen as a method of delivery. She decided early on that she would become the doctor who travelled with the New Zealand Olympic team. While studying at the University of Otago, changes to tertiary funding forced medical students to take out large loans, with interest accruing during their student years.

Upon graduating, many began work as doctors in New Zealand, but then moved to the United Kingdom or Australia, to pay off their increasing debt. If you both offer to take the rage further, then one of you has to move locals.

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Professor Jennifer Martin

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jenn and jc dating sim

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jenn and jc dating sim

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Jenn and jc dating

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