Jian ghomeshi and tessa virtue dating

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jian ghomeshi and tessa virtue dating

Tessa & Scott (W Network, p.m. ET) started last week, and it's a doozy. As Moir says, a few minutes in, "The questions we get are 'Are you dating? At the party, Virtue encounters CBC Radio's Jian Ghomeshi, who. But on a skating break, Scott went back to see his girlfriend and so Did they edit the show to make it seem like Tessa and Jian had a ~thing~?. Tessa Virtue is one of the most fascinating people I've ever seen on television. She looks like a prettier Jian Ghomeshi. Yeah, that Canadian.

He was starting to lose fans among the groups that had got him elected.

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He was the figurehead, and they had done all the work. He was considered a creep. There was no one front man, but when the band was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and People, Ghomeshi was the one quoted.

A Globe and Mail reviewer was not impressed by his debut: There was nothing illegal going on. Men on the show could not stand him, the staffer says. He brought in his agent to stop it from airing; an edited, sanitized version was presented for public viewing.

But Ghomeshi prevailed by knowing what the Mother Corp. He continued to be a regular contributor to arts and culture segments on The Hour and was handed other assignments.

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Ghomeshi knew how to appeal to CBC suits: He was given test runs hosting a panel-driven music series and, later, an week gig filling in for Shelagh Rogers on Sounds Like Canada, which occupied the prime Ghomeshi shook up the format, playing Radiohead and introducing more pop-culture coverage. Producers and long-time listeners were disgruntled; Boyce was thrilled.

In the mid-aughts, the network launched a study to find out how to resuscitate its audience: The over crowd was dying out and not being replaced. Traditional public-radio ideals of the public trust, and it being a privilege to host a program, were being replaced by private broadcasting mantras, says a former CBC host and producer. Stodgy old hosts and British accents were bad news.

And she had no problem publishing this.

jian ghomeshi and tessa virtue dating

She believes in myths more than she believes in real life. This woman is now regretting her default reaction because as it turns out, a couple of well-known women are accusing Ghomeshi, so now she knows it's not some phantom model who persuaded CBC to ditch the guy whose 20 foot poster was on the side of the building, but a few People Who Count.

I hope it's not Siskinds. There were high-profile women with whom he was aligned —Ani DiFranco, Sarah Polley, Lisa Ray, Tessa Virtue—as well as far younger women who would accompany him after show tapings in other cities.

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But I bet anything they don't know much about him. Virtue and Moir's social media alliances are paper thin, there's not even rudimentary due diligence, it's all cosmetic Stepford bullshit.

It's so bizarre - years ago all they seemed to care about was skating, and Tessa was adament that neither she nor Scott had any interest in becoming celebrities.

jian ghomeshi and tessa virtue dating

That attitude was either a complete lie at the time - wouldn't be surprised - or they've morphed into opposite sorts of people, and what are they getting out of it? They don't want to be adults?

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir Are 'Definitely Not Dating'

They want to stay in their version of high school their entire lives? There are twelve-year olds with more guts and character than either one of them. At least with the Ghomeshi case causing people in media to come crawling out of the woodwork to confess how insular, dishonest, self-serving and inverted their "industry" and "community" actually is, we know the sorts of people with whom Scott and Tessa have affiliated themselves, and there's that saying that you know someone by the company they keep.

Not Americans, that is. Story continues below advertisement Our current sweethearts and true champions in that glorious, kooky skating universe are, of course, the ice dancing duo of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, Olympic champions and world champions. And right now they are the focus of a truly intriguing reality series. ET started last week, and it's a doozy. More fly-on-the-wall chronicle than generic reality show, it's sharp and illuminating. Tonight's episode is a repeat of last week's opener and a new episode airs Thursday, W, at 8 p.

All of it is eye-opening. For a start, there's a surreal quality to the lives and careers of Virtue and Moir. The "relationship" between the two is the focus of much speculation.

As Moir says, a few minutes in, "The questions we get are 'Are you dating? Are you in love? And not in some salacious or gossipy manner.