Jung kyung ho and nam gyu ri dating service

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jung kyung ho and nam gyu ri dating service

To which Jung Kyung Ho replied that his girlfriend was probably home listening to his voice on this broadcast right now. If one wants to imagine what it would be like to date Jung Kyung Ho, go watch the one of the . happy for him! and so glad it wasn't nam gyuri. . This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Items 1 - 20 of 25 "Jung Kyung Ho" - All Products at izmireskortbayan.info with Free North America Site. Release Date: Release Date: . (Box 2) (Japan Version) DVD Region 2 Nam Gyu Ri | Jung Kyung Ho | Son Chang. Heartless City will premiere on May 27th. JUNG KYUNG HO as Jung Shi Hyun. NAM GYU RI as Han Soo Min. LEE JAE YOON as Ji Hyung Min.

The bromance between Shin Hyun and Soo however, totally had me raise out pompoms for them. Their friendship was touching and admirable, if only the show focussed a bit more on them, it would have possibly saved it from being a disappointment for me.

Nam Gyu Ri gives her thoughts on dating and public relationships

Although there was not much scenes of them, this relationship had a solid background and had a stronger development. This and Jin Sook included. Seeing him here, I have no doubts that he is capable of playing any character.

Frankly speaking, she was awful. Her facial expressions came out unnatural and are mostly stiff and non-changing.

Like, I could see she was acting, pretending to be that character. Even when she was supposed to be cheerful, she still seemed unnatural. The transition between her emotions to the character was not smooth. This was also the case in her previous drama, 49 Days, unfortunately. Thus, her acting ruined my viewing experience a little bit. All the other casts were perfect in the role they played. Final verdict The ending was not a nice way to say goodbye to an avid watcher. Yes, I admit I was addicted to the drama despite it not making any sense.

But whatever attachment or love I had, died because of the ending. It was like being punched in the gut after kind-of getting emotionally invested to the series. I felt as if I was deceived as though the writer ran out of ideas on how to end the story and just took the easy route.

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jung kyung ho and nam gyu ri dating service

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jung kyung ho and nam gyu ri dating service

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