Kevin zegers dating jamie feld and

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kevin zegers dating jamie feld and

About. Wife of former Gossip Girl TV star Kevin Zegers. The two married on August 3, in New Jersey after having dated for years prior. Main · Videos; Kevin zegers dating jamie feld talent. Over thy mind, outward peers crowd been more extemporaneously conditioned albeit over the stratosphere. Kevin Zegers, Jamie Feld. Michael Bezjian/WireImage NEWS: Kevin Zegers pops the question to his longtime girlfriend. And guess who they.

Kevin Zegers

And I wonder what a mild version of schizophrenia looks like; the only people I've ever known with kevin zegers dating jamie feld disorder were delusional and often bizarre in their thought processes. Are you sure he was diagnosed properly, and has he sought a second opinion. But, I'm not going to sit here and play amateur psychiatrist. What's crucial is whether YOU feel, in your heart of hearts, that you can handle living with someone who has so many issues-especially the paranoiajealousy and the SI self-injury.

These typically do not respond well to most medications, and mood stabilizers alone are basically useless for this purpose. It usually takes antipsychotics to reduce the symptoms and intensive therapy, such as dialectical behavior therapy, to teach life skills.

You may be one of those incredibly strong individuals who loves unconditionally and never even considers walking away; kevin zegers dating jamie feld so, I salute you and wish you the best. But in the end, only you can make that decision. Viva, I don't think it's BPD. I didn'tdon't do that. AKY, your post was very thoughtful. I give you kudos. OP, I too would say learn all you can about it. Have you asked him what you can do to help with the paranoiajealousy thing. We can be compassionate but weigh all the options fargo nd dating too.

Everyone has given some thoughtful advice and for me, if I chose to stay in a relationship like this with all the knowledge I needed, I would definitely not bring girl into it. Marriage is hard enough bringing girl into an unstable atmosphere when you knew ahead of time about it.

Kevin Zegers Marries Jaime Feld

I understand imintrouble and spidey's opinions. I can be difficult dealing with mental illness in a relationship. OP, I would lay out your feelings to him. Tell him something like We've been in this relationship for two years, I love you, but we need to celebs go dating update on ways to deal with your paranoia. How can I helpwhat can I do to help you diminish these feelings. I would be gentle but firm. Explain to him that you do see yourself with him long term single speed dating canterbury him this only if it is truebut that's only if the paranoia and other feelings can be worked on.

Tell him how you feel and what you expect from him. It's kevin zegers dating jamie feld negotiation thing-you meet him half way and he has to work to meet you half way. I don't know if the OP still has one or both of her parents, let alone what they think about her situation.

kevin zegers dating jamie feld and

Now, just wading through what is known and figuring out which of them is dating chase triggers off she has more wrong with her brain, but his condition isn't managed is one thing; it's much more complicated to assess whether the relationship can work with a half-dozen mental health diagnoses between the two kevin zegers dating jamie feld them.

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kevin zegers dating jamie feld and

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kevin zegers dating jamie feld and

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