Lindsay pearce and samuel larsen dating

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lindsay pearce and samuel larsen dating

During the last episode, Glee-ality (TGP), Lindsay and the others were faced with dancing Samuel Larsen, Winner, Glee-ality. Lindsay Pearce (I) on IMDb: Movies, Tv, Celebrities, and more On this date in. . Episode 2 will see Samuel Larsen, one of Season 1's co-winners, teaching. Lindsay Pearce news, gossip, photos of Lindsay Pearce, biography, Lindsay Pearce boyfriend list Relationship history. Lindsay Pearce relationship list. Lindsay Pearce dating history, , , list of Lindsay Pearce Samuel Larsen.

I wish I had known that sooner so I could have warmed up to it more. Hearing that comment tore me apart because I know how vulnerable of a person I am in real life, I just try to hide it as much as possible, I guess, to protect myself.

Experiences in life make you put walls up without you even knowing it. But I knew I had it in me, and it just really discouraged me that I hadn't shown him yet. For him to keep me was a big thing. I honestly thought I was the one to go home.

lindsay pearce and samuel larsen dating

If you look at that list, I was the last one on it, and I was the last person they called back. If there was a Top 3 I wouldn't have been in it. The fact that they made a Top 4 to make sure I could be there to fight another day is huge. You started off pretty confident in your singing and dancing skills, but your enthusiasm seemed to wane as the season went on.

I think I was getting tired and it was taking a toll on me, but I don't know What did you find tiring? The competition itself is tiring: I think that's what started to take a toll on me, realizing everything and how much work we were doing every day.

And it's a long competition.

lindsay pearce and samuel larsen dating

We shot for two months. It didn't change my desire to win, it was just more fatigue. What did you envision for yourself on Glee? What kind of character did you think you'd be playing? I always thought of myself as just the one that crazy-belted. Maybe the drama king. What did you think in the last episode when Ryan told Ian that he was thinking of you as a sort of lovechild for Mercedes and Kurt? That's probably what I want the most.

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Granted, my name is Kurtcedes now, so yeah! Did you ever feel that on The Glee Project you'd been portrayed as too similar to Kurt? In what ways do you feel like you stand apart? We're the same in the sense that we're both gay and we both accept it and are alright with it. At the same time, we're different, and we go through different things.

Like, he doesn't believe in God. I do believe in God. I think that's one way we can be different. I have to deal with that and accept it and make other people in my church accept it. I don't believe that part of your story has been shown on The Glee Project, but it has been for Cameron and Samuel. Is your religion something you discussed with Ryan but for whatever reason hasn't been included on-air? Me and Ryan talked about it once while I was on stage.

He asked me how the church felt about me and I couldn't give him an answer because I wasn't out to the whole entire church, they just thought I was Alex.

lindsay pearce and samuel larsen dating

They knew but they didn't know. So I had to tell Ryan that I didn't know what it would be like because I hadn't experienced it yet. Would you be OK with it if you won and your character's story line on Glee was similar to what is going on in your real life?

I'd be perfectly fine with it. In the preview clip for next week's series finale, you're again performing as a woman. Is that something you'd be comfortable doing on Glee? I mean, I wouldn't do it every day of my life.

Dear God, my feet would die! It's something new, and it's something that I can get used to. Like, I'm always the same character wherever I go — the quirky one, the jolly one or the one that just belts. I'm thinking about it as, "How can I not be a drag character and instead how can I be a woman? That I have an annoying voice!

I sound like a ghetto valley girl. It was incredibly surprising, but in a good way. Everyone, including the audience, expected someone to go home.

I think it says a lot for us that we gave Ryan a problem and he couldn't choose someone to go home. It was a good moment. But weren't you also a little disappointed? Instead of going up against two others in the finale, you'll be going up against three. Well, there was a tiny little bit.

They didn't show this in the episode, but they had brought the four of us back on stage and Ryan actually sent me through straightaway. He said, "You're in the Top 3. Then, seeing that all four of us were saved there was just the hint of disappointment there. I thought that I had got past one more person! But the four of us are a real family and we like to see each other do well, even though we're competing for the same role.

So I was also delighted because we all just wanted a chance to experience the finals. Ian asked if you wanted to be a singer or an actor. Why do you think they asked you that?

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You sing with the Irish group Celtic Thunder, but Samuel previously auditioned for American Idol, and no one has questioned what his goals are. Do you feel like you were giving the writers mixed messages? No, I felt they asked the question for a reason. They were seeing how ambitious I was. I think they understood that I've never had real acting experience. I'm just a kid from Ireland, and I haven't really done anything acting-wise on that scale at all. They wanted to know that I want to be an actor.

It's a part of performing that I've always dreamed of. I would absolutely love to be in movies — but obviously I'm a long way from that because you have to start off somewhere. I need to learn my trade when it comes to acting. I think they were just interested to see the situation and if it differed from Cameron, because Cameron didn't want to be an actor.

You've interacted with Ryan more than any of the other three finalists. What do you think he's thinking about who you'd play on Glee? I've met him obviously quite a few times and I feel like I've definitely built a relationship there.

The Glee Project Season Finale Recap - Damian, Samuel, Lindsay, Alex

He's always been totally honest with me and he's told me he likes me a lot, so it's nice to hear that. I do think that in his head there's probably quite a few story lines. Coming from Ireland in and of itself is already a story line before they even get to know me. Personally, I think there's a lot of interesting writing that could be done. But Ryan's been very specific with certain contestants about his plans for them. He told Alex he'd be grouped with Mercedes and Kurt, and he told Samuel he'd love to have an unconventional Christian on the show.

Beyond being Irish, has Ryan said anything specific to you about what would make you unique on Glee? I think Ian said last night that I would come in as a freshman. If I did get the role, I think it would be quite obvious that I would really be the youngest on the show. I look quite young and I'm only 18, so there would be an element of me being the baby. What makes me unique? Obviously, I'm Irish, but also Ryan has said to me he has seen me coming on to the show and starting off very quiet, missing home, very vulnerable, and then in the end getting to know people well.

He sees me ending up being the leader of the glee club. So, I think he sees a lot of potential there. It's just interesting and very flattering and exciting for me to hear that. The whole way through this, I've had my struggles. They've portrayed me as the real underdog.

I can't dance, but I have to do the moves and I just have to bring an element of me and my personality to it. I remember in week 1 they put me in the bottom, and they said they felt like I was hiding. Everyone was fighting for the spotlight, but I said, "You know, if I'm going to give myself a chance of winning this, I'm going to do it my way.

So the whole way through I have been one million percent me. Lindsay Pearce, 19, Modesto, Calif. What's it been like watching yourself on the show? Um, it's been interesting. I remember watching the first three episodes and calling my mom crying, like, "Why are they doing this to me?

As long as I'm fully redeemed, I guess I don't mind. It's interesting because I don't feel like I'm watching me. I feel like a lot of what I say or do is cut or misinterpreted or placed out of context. It's a bit rough, but I can't complain too much because I'm still doing what I love and I'm still on an incredible show. Do you feel like maybe you were too honest or over confident? Honestly, they wouldn't really ask probing questions. They'd say, "So how are you feeling about this right now.

lindsay pearce and samuel larsen dating

Give an honest answer about how you're feeling. You know, when you're a theater kid [like me] and you grow up auditioning for roles and being in shows In any cast I've been in, that's the case.

I'm used to that. Lindsay with blonde hair Girl on the right Lindsay is adopted. She starred in amateur shows since the age of She states that she attributes her bright blue eyes to her mother because she too had "striking eyes".

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Lindsay loves TV and musicals. Lindsay had a boyfriend during the filming of the show. Currently, they are broken up. She began attending classes at a community college when she was 16 and says that it was the "best decision of her life". Lindsay is known as the 'real life' Rachel Berry for the fact that both are brunettes and Broadway-influenced, both are adopted, and both are vegetarians. However, Rachel wasn't adopted; her fathers used a surrogate.

Lindsay is naturally blonde. Lindsay is a vegetarian. Her favorite food is sushi. However, she does not eat fish and only eats sushi with avocado or vegetables. She is a belter, as revealed in the episode Pairability. Robert Ulrich also lives in Modesto, and prior to The Glee Project, he watched a musical performance with Lindsay in it. After seeing her performance, he asked her to audition for The Glee Project where Lindsay was picked as one of the top twelve.

Lindsay has the same birthday as Dianna Agron Quinn Fabray. The first concert she attended was one of Avril Lavigne, on her 12th birthday. Lindsay kissed two of The Glee Project contestants for the show Cameron and Damianboth at the request of the directors during filming.

lindsay pearce and samuel larsen dating

They are also current roommates. Lindsay said that if she were to win fan favorite, she'd donate the money to charity. Lindsay is of Cherokee, Irish, Norwegian and French descent.

She wears transparent contacts and admitted to having "very bad vision. She is a pretty good artist as evidenced by her quick sketch of fellow contestant, McKynleigh Abraham. Lindsay is known by many members of the cast for making tea. In Episode 2, when Ellis Wylie says Lindsay attacks her every single day, Lindsay says that "just 10 minutes ago [she] made tea and put it on the table" for Ellis when she asked for it.

Recently, in response to Damian McGinty's Episode 7 blog about their kissing scene, Lindsay mentioned that it's easy for her and Damian to make up after they argue because he brings her fruit snacks, she makes him tea, and they hug afterwards. Her favorite Disney princess is Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" because like Belle, Lindsay relates with reading books all the time and getting lost in a fantasy world. Lindsay's voice type is a soprano, as evidenced by her very high range.

If Lindsay were to win the competition, she stated she wants to be a Cinderella-esque type of character who starts off as a dork and lets loose later in the plot. Her favorite characters on the show are Sue Sylvester and Kurt Hummel. She currently works at the store, Aldo, along with working on musical projects.

After Hannah left, Lindsay was the only girl.