Lucia micarelli and josh groban dating

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lucia micarelli and josh groban dating

LUCIA MICARELLI AND JOSH GROBAN DATING. Jewish dating online free Interview: Lucia Micarelli - Evening With Lucia Micarelli. Date(s) - Saturday, 11/17/ pm - pm. BUY TICKETS. A supremely gifted classical musician, Lucia Micarelli is globally renowned for her featured soloist work for Josh Groban, Chris Botti, Jethro Tull, her starring role on the. Violinist and sometime-actress Lucia Micarelli not only adapts well to change, . I toured with Josh Groban and Jethro Tull and Chris Botti and was then I started dating my husband, and then I married my husband [Local

Everyone grew up with PBS. I was born in New York, but when I was 5 my family moved to Hawaii. It was really important for me. What led you to pick up the violin at age 3? My mom made me do it laughs. My mom is Korean and she really wanted me to play an instrument. I think she wanted me to play an instrument before I was even born.

I just remember I liked having a thing to do, and I was very serious about it. After a couple years I remember I was so emotional about playing. I guess I was a dramatic child. That really speaks to the power of music and how it communicates in so many ways, and on so many levels.

Across all boundaries, even age. I think about that a lot too — why does music even exist? Not just all of us that do it professionally — it feeds everyone in some important, primal way. What do you find most rewarding about being a musician? I wish more people would realize that. And you can have it with you throughout your whole life. Obviously things could happen, but once you have music in your life it can always be in your life, really.

Separately from being a career, it has fed me so much. It feeds me in my everyday life, separately of career.

lucia micarelli and josh groban dating

Just being on the instrument I think helps me in my life. Like, last night, there were a couple moments during the show where I was looking around at my friends, and I just thought, this is so cool.

What I love the most is that I really like all my colleagues a lot. I toured with Josh Groban and Jethro Tull and Chris Botti and was always just sort of alone in a hotel room, and the only people I knew were my tour family. And the audience, afterward when I do meet and greets and things like that, I get so many comments about the other musicians in the band. In the session world, people come from all different backgrounds and everybody has different strengths, and when you put together a group of that kind of diverse talent, everybody is challenging me and teaching me all the time.

Which is what I want.

Lucia Micarelli: Balancing life on the concert stage and the scoring stage | 47 Blog | AFM Local 47

There really is some magic that happens. It feels like so secret laughs. Before I came to L. It never even occurred to me that there was this pretty small group of musicians that played on almost all of the recordings and films and television.

So when I first started doing that work I was like, wow. How did you get your foot in the door? I had come through L.

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There were a few people that I met that way. Then are people that I met in that string section who now I see all the time. I think it was just kind of word of mouth. I mean I never really set out to do it. Just kind of a really wide mix of things. I sing a little bit as well, because I started singing when I worked on this HBO series called Treme, which totally blew my musical world open.

lucia micarelli and josh groban dating

My show is full of all these things that I love, and also stories from the time in my life when I discovered that stuff, or why those songs are important to me, or who I met, or how I came in contact with that music and who introduced it to me. The whole classic rock thing was very organic when it happened.

That was quite a few years ago, but at the time I was pretty young and had been pretty sheltered for quite a long time, and really only listened to classical music forever. I had just discovered classic rock and thought it was so awesome that I had to play some. Have you received feedback from Robert Plant or Brian May? I just did a couple of shows, a three-show run in North Carolina.

I definitely need to practice the most on my own, but everyone has played the show quite a bit, and we all play really well together and are comfortable with each other.

After Treme … what did I do? I went on tour with Barbra Streisand for a minute, and went back and played with Chris Botti a little bit, but I was really itching to do something, synthesize something with the new musical worlds I had discovered while doing Treme.

Q&A: Lucia Micarelli

And David Simon just had me jumping in all the time with everybody, and it was just like this barrage of information. It was David pushing my character to collaborate, but also what was really big for me with Treme was meeting Steve Earle and becoming friends with him.

lucia micarelli and josh groban dating

You should write a song. I worked on a record for a really long time, which is finally done and will be coming out later this year. And just putting a show together. I knew I wanted to do a solo show and I knew it was going to be kind of weird. That took some time and a lot of brainstorming, and working with arrangers, including my husband Neel Hammondwho is also a violinist.

Just us playing around with things and trying to come up with the sound we wanted, the instrumentation we would want in doing live shows and how plausible I would be. Laughs Did you get married after Treme? I got married during Treme.

lucia micarelli and josh groban dating

I met him right before I started Treme, actually. I met Vanessa when I was on tour with Josh Groban. She was in a string quartet with my future husband. They came to L.

My pianist Robert Thies won the Prokofiev Competition inwhich is so badass.

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