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mypods and boomsticks online dating

the impending disaster in the “Mypods and Boomsticks” episode of THE . Putting "Bart's Girlfriend" as the episode at didn't help it look. 7 MyPods and Boomsticks. During a trip to the mall, Lisa obtains a "MyPod" from Krusty at the Mapple Store. After Bart interrupts an important message from Mapple founder Steve Mobbs, insulting "Mapple's" user base, he runs into a Muslim boy from Jordan named Bashir and befriends. Mypods & Boomsticks. The Simpson . Moe meets a beautiful woman online who turns out to be three feet tall. . Format, Prime Video (streaming online video ).

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It actually turns out that the old mall was slated for destruction. Realizing his mistake, Homer apologizes, and the Simpson family throws a "Pardon My Intolerance" party for Bashir's family. She goes to Mapple's undersea headquarters and begs Steve Mobbs to consider a reduced payment plan. Mobbs offers Lisa a job at Mapple to help with her bill.

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Much to her chagrin, the job is standing on a street corner dressed as a MyPod, handing out Mapple pamphlets and telling people to " Think Differently ".

Cultural references[ edit ] The episode features parodies of Apple Inc. Later episodes of the show also feature a MyPad, a reference to the iPad. The Simpsons regular Dan Castellaneta does the voice of the Genie in this episode.

Robert Canning of IGN praised the episode; as a whole, he called the episode funny and strong and "gave the now familiar 'suspected terrorist' plot a Simpsons twist," but called the remainder of the Mapple storyline less impressive.

mypods and boomsticks online dating

ClubSteve Heisler gave the episode a C. He found the themes of Apple and Islamophobia to be dated, and was perplexed why all names relating to Apple were slightly changed but not references to other brands. However, this was the first to have a plot involving Islam. Religion writer Mark I. Pinsky contacted the show's staff while writing The Gospel According to The Simpsons in to inquire why.

mypods and boomsticks online dating

He was told that this was because they did not know enough about the faith, but were intending to make an episode. Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my bushes? Maybe while Bart's hurrying up, trying to escape, Bashir could've seen all these people ganging up on one kid that's about his age, think that's unfair, tell Bart to duck down in an alleyway or something with him which would've gone by just fine considering Springfield's pretty stupid mob mentalityand they could've gotten to talking and find out that they had something in common.


Dunno what, but you know, something. And from there, there's a reason for friendship to form They'd hang out a little the rest of the afternoon, Bashir, excited at having just moved to Springfield and having found a friend already, could invite Bart to dinner I did enjoy the sequence with them at school. I wish Marge hadn't called out on Bashir's family being Muslim, so they'd invited Bart's "Muslim" friend over with his "Muslim" family and christ, it would have spoken more if she hadn't considered anything different, because from the way she kept on saying "Muslim" it sounded like she was going to be just as prejudiced as Homer.

mypods and boomsticks online dating

And the bar scene felt awkward to me, but Lenny in the thought bubbles was pretty funny. The whole dinner scene was just awkward The rest of the family could have tried to alleviate the tension a little but trying to engage in normal conversation, but I guess that couldn't happen because then it would have lead to the inevitable "So, Mr.

Whatever, what do you do for a living? The conversation Homer partially overheard between Bashir's parents was so forced and painfully worded in its attempts to make parts of it come across as vague and suspicious and just That WAS a pretty nice dream sequence, though.

mypods and boomsticks online dating

The conclusion to the plot left a lot to be desired, although Homer waving at Moleman and then going for the beer actually brought out a real genuine laugh from me I would've been laughing during a lot of other points, but instead I just smiled, 'cause I've totally lost my voice and can't laugh Homer learns nothing, acts like a bit of a dipshit, and Bashir and his dad have absolutely nothing to say to that.

Amazingly enough, the first act wasn't totally unrelated, though, and I think that's why I'm happy that Lisa accidentally got carried away and downloaded too many songs - that kind of satire on Apple and iTunes was much better than the overly obvious stuff at the beginning - and got freaked out as a little girl would almost reminded me a little bit about that Corey thing, way back in season