Roy and felicity dating website

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roy and felicity dating website

Jan 12, Roy sets up Felicity on one date and it ends up spiraling into an online dating scheme. Felicity agrees on one condition - Roy has to tell Oliver. Jan 13, Yesterday actress Emily Bett (Felicity) and actor Colton Haynes (Roy Harper/ Arsenal) each shared a photo from an upcoming shoot they did. Jan 8, Were Colton Haynes, Emily Bett Rickards Dating Rumors Just A Cover Up For Publications and entertainment sites have been deducing his.

Some people from as far as Qatar and Estonia, which is just mind boggling!

Felicity and Arsenal get hot and heavy in photoshoot, but is it for ‘Arrow’?

I got three reviews on the last one and am so honored anyone ever stopped to click. I had this next story in my head too and decided to bang it out and see if anyone liked. This — unlike the first — will be multiple chapters. Not many, but enough to satisfy an Olicty craving! If I owned this story, I would not be reading or writing stories on this website! I blame Roy for my foray into online dating. We were both ordering take-out and waiting for Oliver and Diggle to get back from a night of patrolling.

roy and felicity dating website

Roy had been left behind as punishment after disobeying orders during patrol the night before. He had been livid at first, Oliver ordering him to clean up the Foundry and stay out of my way as I helped him and Diggle with reconnaissance. At first, I thought Roy would just leave and sulk somewhere for the night.

But it was a testament to how much influence Oliver now had over the kid that Roy stayed, cleaned, and approached me quietly a few hours into patrol about food. We had a healthy debate on the benefits of sushi versus lo-mien and in the end my craving for starchy goodness won out.

Roy was placing the order with my usual take out place when my dating life made a dramatic and strange turn. There was a beat of silence as I continued typing out coordinates on my computer. Diggle was currently trying to break into a warehouse downtown and Oliver was making an impromptu visit to diamond thief a few streets over. I was trying to coordinate a meet up location for both of them to regroup. Did you ask for extra soy sauce? His voice is what made me break concentration. His tone was extra soft, almost fearful.

It was the tone usually used when Oliver was yelling or Diggle was lecturing. It always made him sound younger and made me want to walk over and hug him. I froze and quickly walked back our conversation. Why was he scared? Had I said something mean? I slowly repeated his words in my mind and tried hard to process what they meant. I stared at him confusedly. His idea of a practical joke wasn't even remotely funny. He sighed deeply, "He thought it was you when I called.

And when he heard a guy's voice, asked if I was your brother. I said no, and then he asked if I was your boyfriend. I said no and then he asked if you had a boyfriend and I said no. So at that point, it was obvious the guy has a thing for you and I said you were single and probably wouldn't mind a date. I jerked my hands away from the keyboard and yanked his phone away. He's the take out delivery guy!

But I order food from the man… not" I spluttered looking for a word. And yes, I may spend a ridiculous amount of time in this basement. But I can assure you that I don't need help setting up my dates. I can date; I've been on lots of dates. Sometimes even with guy's who work at restaurants! And yes, right now I haven't been on one in a while because of work and Arrow business, but that's okay.

I mean the city needs me… us. I'm on a sabbatical. Tell me this is a joke. Tell me right now! We started talking and he said you always called for food on Saturdays and he knew your usual order already.

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Then he asked me who I was and we started talking. He said, "Hey is she your girlfriend? He said —" "Get to the part where you suddenly decided it was completely okay to set me up on a date with a stranger!

I suddenly felt the urge to throw something at Roy's head. I finally understood why Oliver liked to mutter "patience" under his breath when he talked to Roy. A guy has to ask that stuff now. Things could go either way these days. I said no, I said you were single and were just a workaholic and married to a computer. He said he had been there once, owned his own computer repair company and worked long hours for years.

Then he sold it all and bought himself a restaurant with his brother. I said, 'Oh really, that is a big career change. He spends more time with his parents and gets to go out more.

He still fixes computers on the side for extra money. He's even thinking of branching out his business into a chain. We talked about his lo mien recipe. I told him I liked the shrimp tempura. He told me he would give me a discount. We talked about the order, he told me his name and that was it. And I said, 'why wait, the two of you should just meet one day and go nerd on each other.

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But it was really a lot more innocent, I swear. Roy ran his fingers through his hair in embarrassment. So I said I would set up a blind date.

roy and felicity dating website

I told him Tuesday's work, since I know that's our slow days down here. He said that was cool and I told him to meet you on Temple Street around 6pm. Call him back, right now.

roy and felicity dating website

Cancel the entire thing this instant! What will they find there? WHO will they find there? Will their trip to an actual city mean this gallery will have no more screenshots of men in a forest? We can only hope! Episode 2 Article continues below The CW "Star City's Seen Better Days" Roy and William have officially arrived back in Star City, and they've got some new coordinates to follow that they think are coming from Felicity, even if neither of them is exactly thrilled about being back.

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As we later learned, "Star City fell when the Glades rose. They build a wall. They closed their borders. No one outside the Glades is allowed to enter. The SCPD are basically hired guns. They protect the Glades from what's outside their wall.

Inside the vault was Roy looks good, but she looks like straight up magic. Anyway, she's no longer police captain and is now back to being a badass vigilante with amazing hairsaving Roy and William and explaining to them that things in Star City are not as they remember, and of course, that they shouldn't have come back here.

Episode 4 Article continues below The CW Meet Zoe Rene's daughter has also grown into a badass and has been fighting alongside Dinah, though she says her father "wouldn't be caught dead" in Star City.

Are Felicity Smoak and Roy Harper Dating In Real Life?

Interesting phrasing or just accurate? We're questioning everything considering that last bombshell The picture above is William's face when he found out that Felicity couldn't possibly be sending him coordinates because she is, in fact, no longer living.

That was how the episode ended, so we don't have the how or the when or any other context, but surely we'll be getting it soon We've been here before, Arrow.

You can't fool us.

roy and felicity dating website

They theorized that maybe she had a change of heart before going through with the dynamite plan, and maybe that's what got her killed and made her think to reach out to William. Meanwhile, back in the present, Felicity had a gun trained on an arrested Diaz and was about to pull the trigger, until Laurel arrived to tell her a deal had been made, and Oliver was about to get out of prison.

The note that Roy found in Oliver's bow apparently contained "the mark of four," which is what made him go with William.