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When something is not more or less complicated than necessary. What is the difference between basic and standard? For us, standard is more about definition and restriction, and only seldomly perfectly fitted for the actual purpose or situation. Basic is more flexible, can sometimes be extremely pure, and sometimes, if it makes sense, quite sophisticated. At the apartment in Alvaro Siza's Bonjour Tristesse building we tried to walk along that line and create a very basic environment.

The layout, surfaces and furniture are practical, simple and direct, and together form the project's very own character and atmosphere.

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CITY AHEAD 1 16 Invited by the Flemish Bouwmeester to study the potential of communal housing in Flanders, we developed a typology that would not only allow for more communality but could also heal a wound of contemporary urban fabrics: Placed at the edge between rural and urban — along the outer edges of parking lots of supermarkets — the linear building would define the spaces on both sides. Where the urban before was not lively and dense, and the rural was not calm and green, the City Ahead building would allow those spaces to regain their specific qualities.

The building would negotiate between those types of spaces, with large, shared, rooms to the urban, and small and intimate rooms facing the rural side. Judged on its performance, infrastructure is only seldom looked at from a spatial point of view. However, a great variety of spaces are created in, on, under, between or around infrastructural buildings.

The Visual Atlas presents an insight into those spaces, and emphasizes their heterogeneity as it arranges them not according to their function but to their spatial attributes. To minimize materials that have to be moved around, we decided to skip all elements of a typical stage, and concentrate budget and efforts on a highly reflective stage curtain.

With this series of designs we are working on a redefinition of basic furniture. In a globalized urban context, the palette of easily available materials differs from that e. Furthermore they are designed to require minimal work.

Isn't he ever a smidge tempted to push things to a higher level? So what stops him? When he meets a person of the opposite sex, he mentally allocates them to either the friendship basket a basket brimming with female friends or the potential romance basket in which there is currently one lucky lady and no one changes baskets. According to Tim, a good-looking specimen by anyone's standards, if his female friends have ever wanted to switch baskets, they've never said so.

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All of which makes Tim's social life wonderfully simple. The same cannot be said for Charlie, 24, who admits that she can only have a platonic relationship with an ex. The schoolfriends are "cool to hang out with" but Charlie admits that the exes present challenges. We became friends but he kept buying me over-the-top presents and he would try to hang out all the time and I realised he wasn't cool with just being friends.

She broke off the friendship. According to clinical psychologist and sexologist Dr Vivienne Cass, platonic relationships are possible but are usually hard work.

Lenny und Carsten sind endlich vereint

This is because we're often attracted to the same attributes in a mate as we'd like in a potential date. First, consider the quality of your feelings. If a romantic relationship appeals simply because the other person is around and might fill in time before you meet "the one", don't risk the friendship.

If you do, you might find that you're quite happy getting on with your life and the feelings fade. Stefi, a year-old doctor, admits she has made mistakes in this regard. Several years ago she found herself despairing on the eve of an important exam.

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A close male friend rushed to her side, at which point the platonic relationship disintegrated. In her heightened state of anxiety Stefi threw herself upon him, to find her advances were gratefully received. But the joy was short-lived. Her friend thought he fell into the "friends with benefits" category. He continues to make advances to this day despite being consistently rebuffed. But Cass says the friendship can be repaired.