When did charles trippy and alli speed start dating

The Polish Rainbow: CTFxC: What you may have missed

when did charles trippy and alli speed start dating

Charles was married to Alli Speed whom he wed in November Together they had 4 channels, CharlesTrippy (Skit Channel), CTFxC (Daily Vlog Channel), . Start a Wiki Alli Speed and Charles Trippy met through social Media site MySpace. While in Spain and after 9 months of dating, Trippy proposed to Speed in . announcement of their separation - though she did not appear in the video. I really hope she doesn't ask about Alli Speed or that they together discuss .. it was basically: "so when did you and Charles started dating?.

Approves of talking badly of Alli, his ex wife, on facebook: So, he's trashing his ex wife, who was drinking at home, surrounded by friends; but thinks it's OK when his girlfriend gets in a car drunk, and puts innocent people in danger?! Naming his girlfriend ''Squiggles'' probably because he did not wish to confess she has the same name as his past two girlfriends, at least I think so 6.

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He told his viewers that he and his wife were ''separating'', and that nothing has been filed. This led people to believe they might get back together. Which would be fine, if it was the truth. That same day, when the video came out, ShayCarl another youtubercalled Charles, and spoke of this in his own video.

He said that Charles had told him they were divorcing. So he told the viewers that it was a separation, when in fact, he knew at the time it was a divorce, because he told his friends it was a divorce. Why use the two different expressions? Keep in mind, Charles likes to say he's being ''completely honest'' with his viewers. A lot of people thought Alli had made a decision to not be in the video, that she had something to hide, etc. Well, actually, Alli has made her own video after she took some time to reflect, I mean, her marriage just fell apartand in the video she said that Charles made the video himself because he chose to.

She also says that ''he has made some other choices''. Take it as you will, I feel that this should have been done together. Please notice that she does not deceive the viewers with a 'separation', but talks about a divorce.

He lied to his viewers where he is, to hide the fact he was out with the '3rd Alli' Here I am referring to the saga of him saying that ''he went to bed early'', when you can see him in the video of one of his bandmates mini-golfing with the '3rd Alli'.

Now, if you were to say something bad about Charles in a comment, you may encounter some of the following attacks from the pre-teen viewers. Let me clarify a few things here.

when did charles trippy and alli speed start dating

You are not a true CTFxC-er. Just because someone doesn't approve of something shitty you're doing, that doesn't make them a troll or a hater.

Some pre-teens who watch the channel think that just because you watch the show, you are supposed to approve and agree to everything he says and does, and that you're a part of some ''family''.

be a fucking decent person

People, there is no family here. I mean, I've been watching the show for years, and no one ever told me I was supposed to be joining some crazy cult.

What exists is only an illusion of a community, when in fact, it's just a few people with a camera, and you, on the other side - watching. There is no interaction, only the illusion of it. Just because you enjoy the show, doesn't mean you have to agree with everything he does. Follow these two link to see the photos below: I would love to hear your opinions, no matter how different they are from mine. However, do restrain from name calling, this isn't pre-school.

Please take this with caution, and use your brain wisely.

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This post was written so I can express my opinion on what has happened in this youtube show. Now, this photo below got a lot of people angry. This is what Charles has been doing lately: Or says 'thank you'. Whenever he's asked about it, he claims he responds to the positive part of the comment. But is it really necessary to put a ''heart'' on a comment where someone calls your ex-wife a bad name? Even his loyal fans have noticed this, and you can always find them complaining about how ''Charles only responds to bad comments''.

Now this comment above is really disturbing to witness. As you may or may not know, Alli has a boyfriend now, and she has spoken about him once and has posted 1 photo on her Instagram 1 mention, 1 photo; a lot LESS than how many times Charles has mentioned his new girlfriend.

Now, Alli could have easily liked a comment where someone calls 3rd Allie a homewrecker whore or says that she's ugly or talks about her DUI. But she never did anything of the sort.

when did charles trippy and alli speed start dating

All I'm saying is, if Alli is able to refrain from liking mean comments, Charles sure as hell can make an effort to stop liking mean comments about Alli.

I mean, a 'fuck piece'? Not even I have called his GF a 'fuck piece'. That just shows his true character.

when did charles trippy and alli speed start dating

So I happened to see that people are saying that Charles didn't like the ''fuck piece'' comment, but that he liked a nicer comment, and that the photos are edited wtf people?! And to my surprise, the name of the poster is different, but also all the cursing and name calling is out. And here came the accusations - that I edited the screenshots. There's no need to do this, since there are so many nasty comments ''hearted'' by Charles: And the screenshots below are simply my way of clearing my name, since I see that shockingly so the vast majority of people believe that the ''fuck piece'' comment never existed.

Here is her first lie, she claimed she wanted to type ''fella'' instead of ''fuck piece'', and that's why she edited her own comment mind you, she confesses that she herself has edited her comment, while today she's accusing me of doing it.

What's the next lie gonna be, Rebecca?: Again, this girl Rebecca she keeps changing her name, now she's becsxo is still at it, trying to convince people that I edited her comment which I have no need to do, since Charles has liked many mean comments about Alli.

People aren't believing her, but still: If I post a screenshot here, I may hide a person's name. That's all I will do or change. I have no interest in editing people's comments. That's pathetic, almost as pathetic as accusing someone of editing your comment, which I clearly cannot do. She obviously called Chase a 'fuck piece'. And Charles liked her comment. I do not care for liars. If you still think I may have edited her post or altered it in photoshop or wherever, then read it all again.

What pissed me off is that he was talking on Alli's behalf. He was saying ''me and my ex want this'', or ''me and my ex feel this way''. This is wrong to do. You are no longer together, and you do not speak for her. I know that's one thing that really upsets me - when he talks in Alli's name. She can speak for herself. Because it shows Charles liking a mean comment on one of Alli's videos.

That means, he went to her channel. He looked for a mean comment. This comment, when I saw it, I noticed she refers to him as ''this kid''. No big deal, right?

Well, then this swam out: She says in this facebook status from a year ago that she went out and talked to ''that kid''. Charles liked this status.

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And you know, at first I though that maybe I was reading too much into this. But then again, Charles is 1 of only 10 people who liked this status.

Well, something new happened. Could it be that their 1st date took place on January 5th 3 months before the separation? Lots of people are speculating about this - of course, this is just speculation.

when did charles trippy and alli speed start dating

If you want my 2 cents, I think they did go out long before the separation was announced. Keep in mind, Charles was kissing his wife in the videos up until a few days until the separation announcement.

when did charles trippy and alli speed start dating

In their new video ''how we met'', Charles's sister Melissa says that Charles was ''so ready to go on that date''.