Dating site for programmers

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dating site for programmers

Dating service where you need to prove your level before accessing the best girls ! Are you a programmer? Are you looking for a girl? Take our test to prove your. Online dating, particularly for women, is a fairly sketchy proposition. There's no shortage of sites that offer the service, nor is there a shortage of. computer programming - Free Dating, Singles and Personals. Users Interested In computer programming. Second Chance I figured I would try this site.

I am participating in a small development company which was a startup itself not long ago and know first hand how freelance developers behave and how many perks you could get from a company if you find a good one. Small development companies in locations like Bulgaria, Poland, and some of the south American countries will be very flexible, and will charge a very reasonable rate.

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For most of them you will be a significant client and will receive the 5start treatment. Their founders being entrepreneurs themselves will understand the way you think. We for example have a lot of experience rolling out the minimum viable portion of the product and testing, which we have done with other start ups.

dating site for programmers

Look for partners who have worked with other startups and preferably in the industry you are targeting. The only caveat - you need to find people who know what they are doing and whom you like.

dating site for programmers

Do not settle on this. Look for awards, projects for big companies, past employers of the developers etc After that, you could looking for software development outsourcing providers or freelancers to deliver the rest. Please contact me if you need further support.

How to start a dating site with little programming experience?

The other things you need to really concern yourself with is the ability to mail and process payments. You also need to consider how you are going to get people to want to stay on your site in the beginning when there aren't many members. Just because you can get them to sign up doesn't mean you can get them to stay.

dating site for programmers

Those are just some things I would consider and plan for. Mawut Mayen Euntrepreneur May 28th, I would say that you either learn programming or hire someone to do it but if you want to cut the upfront cost then you can offer that the programmer take some type of equity in the company so that would cover some of the start up cost.

Programmers are generally happy with their career.

Dating for Programmers

This is the problem. They get too happy and forget that you are supposed to be the source of their happiness as it should be.

dating site for programmers

I mean T-shirt and Jean is the official outfit for a programmer. You want to go to the mall, t-shirt and Jean, Movies, t-shirt and Jean, visit people, t-shirt and Jean. If you are the attention seeking kind, forget it!

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Birthday, valentine, anniversary gifts are the most difficult part of dating a programmer. Dating a programmer automatically makes you a programmer by association, so when he starts talking about PHP, Laravel, open source projects, etc. The service was called Date a Programmer dateprog.

dating site for programmers

Sadly, it has been closed recently. The founders shared their story in an article posted by VC. When the site closed, it had: Up to 20 couples started a relationship every month based on the profile deletion survey. The founders analyzed the experience and shared their thoughts with the readers in this hugely informative article.

Business idea What the founders did right: Attractive niche idea helped the project to get started and generate the first 2, users with the minimum investment.


Basically what they did was they created a landing page with the QuickMVP service. What they did wrong: Idea alone is not enough to run a successful business.

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The founders failed to do proper research, to analyze the data from the market insiders at the initial stage of the project. They recommend creating accounts on popular dating sites before launching your own.

Use paid services, test the gamification model to get a better understanding of what people would be willing to pay for.