Dating site for werewolves

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dating site for werewolves

Someone actually made these dating sites? niche dating sites include mullets, mimes, asexuals, truckers, roboticists, and werewolves. If you are looking for a % free online dating site built specifically for werewolves and werewolf lovers, Werewolf Passions is the site for you. If you are looking. Werewolf Dating Site. Condition genetic inherited an is Lycanthropy Gene, Werewolf The Triggering gene werewolf the triggers Tyler folklore in believed.

dating site for werewolves

If you go to meet your werewolf loved one in the forest for a romantic picnic you would need to take a spare pair of clothes for them, in case they accidentally shape shifted back to human form and had to go home butt naked.

No one wants a furry loved one with worms.

dating site for werewolves

When they get sick things could get awkward as you will have to explain to your family vet why your loved one is laid out on their veterinary table. You might need to consider buying shares in a shampoo company considering all the money you will spend on shampoo for glossier locks and fur. With a werewolf loved one you can probably get away with not shaving your legs for a month or two.

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They will never comment on body hair. If during a romantic play fight you get accidentally bitten by your loved one you will never have to worry about hair removal cream, a lack of exercise, meat based diets, annoying people or morning breath ever again. Rylie Cruz lives in the French Quarter of New Orleans, in an apartment she shares with her longtime girlfriend Jennifer.

dating site for werewolves

The apartment just happens to be above Rylie's business called Find A Mate. She is a match maker to the Paranormals who inhabit the Big Easy and she often will take on humans as well.

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This is easy for her because she herself is a werewolf. Rylie is not the saliva dripping, gut gnawing ugly werewolves we read about. She is your normal everyday Gucci wearing business girl that might have to carry some depilatory or razor in her purse for that five o'clock shadow issue that might unexpectedly crop up. Her worry usually is only the night of the full moon. Are you hearing how much fun this book is?

How to Date a Werewolf

Rylie has been told by her Mother, besides being a wolf, a witch has cursed the family and Riley will have trouble at love, which is funny considering her chosen profession. Up to this time she has made matches that have satisfied her clients.

dating site for werewolves

We begin with her first dissatisfied client who is stalking and harassing her and a new neighbor moving in who has turned her head and her desire for no curse. Jack is hott and has just moved to town from Texas. He is a psychiatrist and he is Human!. They will have superhuman strength. You will get plenty of exercise as they will want regular walks.

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You might not like the constant smell of dog. They would be no use to you on a date during a full moon. You would be forced to take poop bags on dates. Apparently they are weak and tired after changing back into human form so expect some serious moaning and groaning.

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Smartly dressed and well spoken. Great powers of seduction. They tend to live in fabulous old buildings so you will never have to worry about where you are both going to live once things get serious.

dating site for werewolves

As they are immortal and have been around for a long time hundreds of years in some cases you need to be prepared for an extensive past love life! They are bound to have some breath issues with all that rotting flesh stuck between their teeth.