Personal response to text questions for dating

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personal response to text questions for dating

English The Personal Response O Highlight key words from the question . O Look up these O What do these texts suggest about the role adversity choice in the context of the question. . about: the developing character, dates, and. The Personal Response to Texts Assignment. . with 70 multiple-choice questions about these selections. You have a total .. the date, time, and writing location of your examination and that you bring with you the materials. When you run out of questions to ask a guy or girl over text, we've got you covered. Q's to ask your boyfriend · Personal Q's to ask a boy · Interesting Q's to ask a guy questions just don't quite work in a medium that begs for short responses. . First date questions – Going on a date or just ran out of questions to ask?.

Please do not write "I agree with everything the author wrote," since everybody disagrees about something, even if it is a tiny point. Use quotes to illustrate your points of challenge, or where you were persuaded, or where it left you cold.

How to Write a Reader Response

How well does it address things that you, personally, care about and consider important to the world? How does it address things that are important to your family, your community, your ethnic group, to people of your economic or social class or background, or your faith tradition? If not, who does or did the text serve? Did it pass the "Who cares? Use quotes to illustrate. Reading and writing "critically" does not mean the same thing as "criticizing," in everyday language complaining or griping, fault-finding, nit-picking.

Your "critique" can and should be positive and praise the text if possible, as well as pointing out problems, disagreements and shortcomings.

personal response to text questions for dating

How well did you enjoy the text or not as entertainment or as a work of art? Use quotes or examples to illustrate the quality of the text as art or entertainment.

Of course, be aware that some texts are not meant to be entertainment or art--a news report or textbook, for instance, may be neither entertaining or artistic, but may still be important and successful. To sum up, what is your overall reaction to the text? Would you read something else like this, or by this author, in the future or not? To whom would you recommend this text? Your first draft is just that, and you should expect to re-write your work several times before you consider it completed.

This means you should start your writing project in advance of the due date, in order to allow yourself enough time to revise your work. Ask someone else to read your draft s and write their comments and suggestions on how you might improve the work directly on your drafts. The goal is to present a coherent essay with a clear argument. When quoting or citing from the documents or your textbook, simply put author and page numbers in parenthesis.

Gorn, 52 or Jones, Be very careful to avoid plagiarism.

Personal response

Do not use words or ideas from the internet, from any publication, or from the work of another student without citing the source. Please just staple your papers in the upper left hand corner. However, having them respond to their reading in writing provides a window into their thinking and understanding. A few weeks ago I shared my reading response forms and graphic organizers for independent reading, which are an integral part of my reading program. There are some days, however, when there is only time available for a short response.

Reading Response Blogs My class uses Kidblog to share their thoughts and feelings about books. I will often begin a thread by posing a question or comment of my own, and the students soon take over. Because read-alouds provide us with a common text and experience, students not only leave their own thoughts, but become fully immersed in the process, replying to the comments of others.

My 3rd graders can hardly wait to see if anyone has commented on their posts, making this five-minute reading response one of the most engaging we do. If you have wanted to try blogging with your class, Kidblog may be a good place to start.

It is very easy to set up and the teacher gets to approve all comments before they are posted.

personal response to text questions for dating

The images above show blog threads that my students have started along with a few of their responses to a question I posted about our current read-aloud book, Wayside School Is Falling Down. Within ten minutes, there were 54 comments posted by the class!

Third grade bloggers hard at work! Reading Tweets My 3rd graders are very aware of social media and love to partake in this classroom version. Many students also enjoy adding their own hashtags related to the title of the book or the theme of their tweet.