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Trying to determine when exactly Associated engines went from the 4-Bolt bronze magneto to the 4-Bolt pot metal mag would be virtually impossible unless actual documentation from the factory was found. I doubt that will ever happen! I have found the exact serial number that the change from 4-bolt to 2-bolt magneto occurred as listed in my recently acquired AMANCO price list for repair parts.

This information is listed above as " 25 Mag used as of".

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In the 4HP was re-rated to 6HP and underwent severe design changes in doing so. It is nothing more than a guide and should be assumed to be nothing more than that. These are the companies own published serial numbers so I presume they are accurate. During this time I have sold a good many engines having bough them in train car lots and local, and that I must say that I have had less trouble with your line of engines than any other line of engines previously handled.

It seems that all I have to do is get them out and they take care of themselves. I wish you much success for and if nothing happens, you can count on me for another car the coming fall and oblige. Any number of factors may have had an effect on production numbers for a given year such as slow early production and the war in Europe. But I have decided to not try to make this a complicated table, but only a calculated best guess as to the production year for any given serial number.

I would also like to mention that as engines wore out, broke or what have you, parts were readily available from the manufacturer and were also interchangeable from engine to like engine.

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Or even in an extreme case, since the Chore Boy and Hired Man engines shared the same sub base, it is possible to find a water cooled Chore Boy 6 Digit Serial Number starting with a 3 sub base that has been fitted with a Hired Man cylinder jug. The only exception is with the Iowa Oversize engines that were re-rated. The water-cooled engine has a built in reservoir larger engines usually don't have a reservoir and require connection to a large external tank for cooling water via pipe connections on the cylinder.

The water reservoir includes the area around the cylinder as well as the cylinder head most cases and a tank mounted or cast above the cylinder. When the engine runs it heats the water. Cooling is accomplished by the water steaming off and removing heat from the engine.

When an engine runs under load for a period of time, it is common for the water in the reservoir to boil. Replacement of lost water is needed from time to time.

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A danger of the water-cooled design is freezing in cold weather. Many engines were ruined when a forgetful operator neglecting to drain the water when the engine was not in use, and the water froze and broke the cast iron engine pieces.

However, New Holland patented a v-shaped reservoir, so that expanding ice pushed up and into a larger space rather than break the reservoir. Water jacket repairs are common on many of the engines that still exist.

amanco engine dating sites

Design[ edit ] These were simple engines compared to modern engine design. However, they incorporate some very clever designs in several areas, many times because the designer was attempting to circumvent infringing a patent for a particular part of the engine.

amanco engine dating sites

This is particularly true in the area of the governor. Governors are centrifugalswinging arm, pivot arm, and many others. The actuator mechanism to govern speed is also varied depending on patents existing and the governor used.

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See, for example, U. Patents[2] from or[3] from However accomplished, the governor has one job - to control the speed of the engine. In modern engines, power output is controlled by throttling the flow of the air through the intake by means of a butterfly valve ; the only exception to this being in diesels and Valvetronic petrol engines.

How hit-and-miss engines work: The intake valve on hit-and-miss engines has no actuator; instead, a light spring holds the intake valve closed unless a vacuum in the cylinder draws it open. This vacuum only occurs if the exhaust valve is closed during the piston's down-stroke. When the hit-and-miss engine is operating above its set speed, the governor holds the exhaust valve open, preventing a vacuum in the cylinder and causing the intake valve to remain closed, thus interrupting the Otto cycle firing mechanism.

When the engine is operating at or below its set speed, the governor lets the exhaust valve close. On the next down-stroke, a vacuum in the cylinder opens the intake valve and lets the fuel-air mixture enter. This mechanism prevents fuel consumption during the intake stroke of "miss" cycles. A video explanation on the workings of a hit and miss engine can be found here Usage[ edit ] A Jaeger trash pump used for pumping dirty trashy water.

This is an example of an integrated function of hit-and-miss engines i. These engines run slowly—typically from revolutions per minute rpm for large horsepower engines to rpm for small horsepower engines.

They powered pumps for cultivation, saws for cutting wood, generators for electricity in rural areas, farm equipment, and many other stationary applications.

Some were mounted on cement mixers. These engines also ran some early washing machines. They were a labour-saving device on farms, and helped farmers accomplish much more than they could previously. The flat belt was driven by a pulley on the engine that attached either to a flywheel or to the crankshaft.

Amanco Hired Man Restoration Project

The pulley was specially made to have a circumference slightly tapered from the middle to each edge like an over-inflated car tyre so that the middle of the pulley was a slightly larger diameter. This kept the flat belt in the centre of the pulley. Later history[ edit ] By the s, more-advanced engines became common. Flywheel engines were and remain extremely heavy for the power produced, and run at very slow speeds.

Older engines required a lot of maintenance and were not easily incorporated into mobile applications. In the late s, International Harvester already had the model M engine, which was an enclosed version of a flywheel engine.

Their next step was the model LA, which was a totally enclosed engine except for the valve system featuring self-lubrication oil in the crankcasereliable spark plug ignition, faster-speed operation up to about RPM and most of all, light in weight compared to earlier generations.

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Later a slightly improved LA, the LB was produced. As time passed, more engine manufacturers moved to the enclosed crankcase engine. These engines also run at much higher speeds up to approximately 2, RPM and therefore produce more power for a given size than slow flywheel engines.

Most flywheel engine production ceased in the s, but modern engines of this kind remain in use for applications where the low speed is desirable, mostly in oil field applications such as pumpjacks.