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Claudia Jordan Dating someone Divorcing Husband Darari Turner; Know her relationship

datari turner dating

Claudia's boyfriends'' list American actress, model, radio personality, and reality TV star Claudia Jordan was married to producer Datari Turner. They say all press is good press, but battling daily rumors can get pretty exhausting — a fact that newest Real Housewives of Atlanta star. Claudia Jordan, the sexy yet talented Real Housewife, who divorced her former husband Datari Turner is on her way to becoming the wife of.

Claudia Jordan Dishes on Brutal Breakup, Benzino Dating Rumors — Exclusive

I think the most successful people are those who can wake up and decide exactly how they want to spend their day doing exactly what they feel like they were put on earth to do. When I left the fashion industry, I had to do a lot of soul searching.

datari turner dating

I had to rework my life because I had a great life in NYC. I had all of the trappings of what young people consider to be successful. I was selling and creating projects in the reality space while I was still waiting to get my passion project, which was Video Girl, made. It was about deciding that I was going to be okay with being a starving artist for as long as it took to pursue my dream.

I thank God that I played sports because it teaches you to have a strong work ethic and be disciplined. It teaches you how to be a team player and work with people, which are some of the most important skillsets that you have to have in order to be successful producer. You have to learn how to manage egos. It takes a village to make a movie or TV show and you have to know how to make all of the pieces of a puzzle buy into the vision.

How did your hustle to become something affect your relationships with women? I believe when coming to a city like LA, you have to be grounded and be able to look in the mirror and know who you are. Guys want to be established before they start a relationship. My parents have been married 40 years. When my mom met my dad, neither of them had anything. He told her the man that he wanted to be, he had goals for his life, and she believed that he would become the man that he said he would be and he became that man.

You want a man to have all of these things: To my guy friends that want a woman like Beyonce—women who are beautiful and successful, why would they mess with you? I think that we have to have realistic expectations. At the age I am now, my focus is on my career, my faith, and my family.

datari turner dating

A lot of time people rush into relationships without really getting to know someone. Be friends with that person because to make any relationship last a long time, you have to be friends first and foremost.

They like the same things. People should take time to get to know each other better. How do you build professional relationships? Hollywood is like the NBA.

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If you want to make it professionally, you need to work on your craft every single day to be great at it. Now you may have to get jobs on the side to help support you until you break through but you have to keep your eyes on the prize and be relentless.

You still have to have patience, because nothing in life is overnight. What is the most profound advice you've ever received? I remember hearing him say, "Make a list of everything you want in your life and spend the next twenty years trying to get it piece by piece.

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Bruckheimer became a billionaire between the ages of by creating the CSI franchise and Pirates of the Caribbean. We have to give ourselves time. Continue to put points on the board. What has been your most profound life lesson? She has even taken a plunge of engagement despite dating Medina for a short run. Today, we shall know the key reason of Claudia for making a quick decision regarding her engagement and figuring out the details about her relationship history and net worth.

Engaged to her beau Medina: Before flashing the relationship, singer Medina Islam, and actress Claudia Jordan were spotted right outside the Warwick nightclub in the mid month of March The relationship between the star was hidden behind the curtain until and unless they got caught by the camera sharing a lip lock outside the club.

Claudia Jordan Dishes on Brutal Breakup, Benzino Dating Rumors — Exclusive

During the Essence Festivalshe confronted the media regarding her plan to get married soon and even revealed about her current dating status. She said, "I'm in a new relationship and we are looking like we are heading to the altar.

He's a great guy, and it just came out of nowhere.

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A photo posted by Claudia Jordan claudiajordan on Nov 10, at 6: Well, yes, before getting engaged with Medina Islam, Claudia was married to the producer Datari Turner in the year The wedding was a generous one, conducted in Las Vegas. Claudia Jordan with her former husband Datari Turner