Is cameron dallas dating nash grier

Best of Beauty Episode 6

is cameron dallas dating nash grier

Including Carter Reynolds, Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, and Cameron Dallas. He is popular for dating a girl named Maggie and dumping her for. Jan 15, It's safe to say Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier are two of the most popular web stars who have come out of the early Vine/Instagram/YouTube. Nash Grier in Still dating his Girlfriend Taylor Giavasis? Net worth: How rich is he? Photo of Nash Grier & his friend Cameron Dallas. Cameron Dallas.

So which are your fave baseball teams? The Outfield Trailer Kidzworld: At every shoot, there is always someone who is making jokes or pulling pranks. Who was it on The Outfield and give me a sample of what they did. It was definitely interesting. He would just completely rearrange your thought process and throw you for a weird loop.

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Nash what is your favorite look for yourself, the short or the long hair? That was Cameron talking. I like to switch it up. But I want it to get a lot longer.

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I want to have really long hair then shave it all off for like cancer awareness or something like that. Nash, Cam has already been in a full length film so did he give you any advice? Or did you just want to do it on your own?

I had been on sets before and done a lot of camerawork so it was really just kind of getting into character and staying in character for a couple of months and making that transition and doing that for longer than I ever had before.

It was a crazy thing and Cam definitely had some advice for that. Did you really wake Cameron up in his trailer during your set-life video for the film? I definitely woke him up.

I was just knocked out, unconscious. I just ate and was having a food crash. I came out of the trailer and the sun was shining right in my eyes and I was groggy.

is cameron dallas dating nash grier

It was very exhausting because as soon as we started shooting it went from doing school work on my own time and finishing at my own pace to every five hours I shot, I had to do two and a half hours of school work.

I had a teacher right there with me on set so I would literally go from shooting one of the most dramatic scenes in the movie and if I had ten minutes to spare they would take me to study because I legally had to finish.


You both have a ton of fans so how do you know a girl likes you for you, warts and all and not just because you are stars on the net? Do you have a test to find out? I give them the mama test. My mom has to meet them and approve.

is cameron dallas dating nash grier

Just in general she has to approve. But I never really go out with the intent to make people like me or be a certain way because I always end up doing the opposite.

is cameron dallas dating nash grier

Goofing off at school Courtesy of Fullscreen films Kidzworld: Is it hard going from being your own bosses, in charge of your stories and videos, to having to listen to the input of directors and producers on these full-length films?

Nash, your character is a good artist. Grier just celebrated his 16th birthday with his 4. But the North Carolina sophomore, whose following largely consists of teenage girls enamoured by his blue-eyed charm, did more than party over his Christmas vacation. He also caused an internet uproar when his attempt to tell his young female audience "what guys look for in girls" backfired in a major way. What guys look for in girls In a video Grier uploaded to YouTube five days before Christmas, he and his friends, year-old fellow Vine star Cameron Dallas and year-old YouTube star JC Caylenattempt to tell their mostly female fans "What guys look for in girls.

They criticise girls who they see as having no personalities and who are just waiting to marry rich husbands. Then they move into more contentious territory: Caylen criticises girls with "fake tits," while Grier dislikes girls who are "obnoxious and loud.

Grier giving the ladies his two cents. Grier also tells girls that "the chase is such a big part" of what makes a girl appealing, encouraging them to "play hard to get. You can't be better than me. Among the prominent YouTubers who commented on Grier's video before it was deleted were comedy vlogger Lamarr Wilson and beloved Vlogbrother Hank Green.

Lamarr Wilson has his say.


On Tumblr, anger is still brewing, as a viral repost of Green's comment has garnered overnotes and reblogs.