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kristoffer polaha dating

by E! Online Actor Blogger Kristoffer Polaha | Tue., Nov. Our date is a little bittersweet; sweet because I love getting a little time with you. Kristoffer Jon Polaha (born February 18, ) is an American film and television actor best known for his roles as Jason Matthews in North Shore, Nathaniel. YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Actor Kristoffer Polaha has sold his modestly show Dating in L.A. and Other Urban Myths and in the movie Vineland.

And I just fell in love with it. So I did every play after that in high school. We did four fully-produced plays every year. When we did these plays, they would run for a week. We had a five-hundred seat theater that the audience would normally fill for each performance. It was one of those amazing opportunities to be a part of something that was kind of like a theater company.

It had never been produced before, so it was sort of a world premiere of this play. I kind of stuck out and got an agent and a manager, and I was off to the races.

Following all that, what was your first professional screen credit? It was directed by a guy named Jerry Levine, who was the first guy to cast me in Hollywood. I auditioned for two shows that day…this was weird.

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And I booked them both. For whatever reason, I had never heard of you until that time. Looking through your credits, I see you were on some well-known things. All I know is that I feel bad that I killed them.

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I literally shot them both. So I killed the show. I have heard of that one, but have never watched it. I thought it looked like something I would probably enjoy. Yeah, I think you would enjoy it. Do you have kids? Yes, I have a fifteen-year-old daughter. The two of you might enjoy it together. There might be a few things to watch out for depending upon her maturity, but it is probably something you two could watch together.

Sounds good to me. Liane Hentscher Truly, it was just a call from my agent. They said that Hallmark had made me an offer to be in this film. I actually have two agents, and one of them represented Meghan Markle as well. For me, it was just gonna be a job to kind of leapfrog to the next job.

kristoffer polaha dating

Obviously, it ended up being a really, really wonderful experience with Meghan. We had a blast working together.

She was already moving in the direction of being a global ambassador, and I think that being married to Prince Harry is going to be this amazing opportunity to ultimately pursue what she was designed for, which is this awesome opportunity to help people on a massive scale. So Hallmark opened up the door for me to have those remarkable interactions with this incredible woman who has now married into the royal family and will no doubt change the world for the better.

Emilie Ullerup, Kristoffer Polaha Credit: It was a sweet, little movie about hospital staffs and babies. It was a sweet Christmas film. And it was my first foray into the Christmas world for Hallmark, which was very different.

And then you have to add Christmas in July in there. Christmas in July this year caused a huge bump in my social media and my star meter and all that.

Because this Christmas movie was playing in July on Hallmark, I found out how relevant Christmas in July was to my overall career. I found it all very interesting. And what I will say is that the three Hallmark movies that you have done which have already aired are honestly very memorable and have become some of our family favorites.

My daughter and I live with my parents, and we often watch Hallmark together. Except my daughter is a teenager now and is almost too cool to watch Hallmark. It was early, but we talked on the phone all morning long.

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So you have two Christmas movies that have done very well. Rocky Mountain Christmas last year was a standout. But for me to be able to sit there, watch it, remember the story and thoroughly enjoy it, that speaks highly of the cast and writers. Rocky Mountain Christmas won the night on cable. It was a big deal for Hallmark, and it was a big deal for us as a cast because it really did set our movie apart. It was definitely one of those special moments.

Well, I certainly enjoyed it, and before too long, Hallmark will be showing it again along with all the other Christmas movies. Was it your first time in Fiji when you went there to film this movie? Jill Wagner, Kristoffer Polaha Credit: Allan Stephen It was. I had never been to Fiji before, so to be taken there in the capacity of work was kinda nice.

You know, you get to go live and work in a place and not just visit and be a tourist, but to actually go and know that you are contributing to the local economy. Fijians have their own culture and their own identity. And they break into song at any given moment. I was having dinner at a restaurant, and all of a sudden, the wait staff—the people working at the restaurant—started to sing, and it was just this beautiful song.

It was a Christian worship song. We were in the middle of a regular old restaurant, and it just happened to be a song that they all sang in church. It certainly sounds like a great place to visit, so I will have to do that at some point in my life. Kristoffer Polaha, Jill Wagner Credit: So this one was kind of ambitious, but I think we pulled it off, which is cool.

Was this your first time working with Jill Wagner? It was my second time working with Jill. She was in the pilot episode, which never aired, so no one ever got to see that episode. But I worked with her when she was just a wee, young lass. And then there was a fourteen-year gap, and we got to work together again in Pearl of Paradise.

I know you both are Hallmark favorites, and that makes us even more excited to see you as the leads in this movie. So yours is the second Hallmark film this summer that was filmed on that island.

I know we got usurped by the Cameron Mathison-Catherine Bell film. As far as onscreen, I could never choose. Certain things make me really happy, like the bong lamp. I love the heartwrenching stuff most of all—the night before the wedding with Baze's dad, Lux returning home to Cate's, Cate and Ryan's breakup, Lux begging Cate to take Tasha, and I absolutely loved the basketball game this season!

There's still so much good stuff yet to come. I'm slightly obsessed with writing Baze and Emma Emma Caulfield right now because it's a new dynamic that's been fun. And there's a new character who's pretty fun to write with Lux.

You'll meet him very soon! First impression of me? And not just the stand-up, sitdown story. I'm talking first impressions. Mine of you was that you were a little cutie face. Most writers in Hollywood have a very certain, shall we say, look. Not true in a lot of cases, but when I met you and found out you were the writer, I was like, damn, she's hot! We are about the same age, and you had a written a really great script.

I'd say my first impression of you was favorable.

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So, what was your first impression of me, Brittany, Shiri, Kerr, and Austin? Britt rushed into audition before she left town. She was lost somewhere on a lot and finally made her way to us. She came in and she was this little tiny thing in these gigantic work boots.

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I was super against casting the first person we saw and the second I saw her, I knew we could stop looking. With Shiri, I was super excited for her to come in because I knew her from Roswell. I couldn't believe how well she auditioned—she really was this character. She was on the fence about the part though, so I got her number and left what was the first of many messages about "Cate" to Shiri.

What's fun is that now, I can't imagine Shiri not being Cate and I love all the fun we have dissecting Cate. Kerr I was also excited to see because I knew him from Dawson's I didn't even consider him for Ryan because I didn't think the part was big enough but he agreed to do it if we expanded the role and that one decision changed the entire dynamic of the show, in the best way possible!

With Austin, we have different ways to go with the role. Math could have been the funny-jokester-sidekick or a more real guy, and when we saw Austin, we decided to go with more real.

As for you, in the beginning I was just surprised by you. You are the first person I felt an instant camaraderie with and I knew that I'd be friends with you whether the show went or not. I was struck, first by the fact that you are ridiculously hot, let's be honest, but more than that, you're a good person. Just like you have impressions of writers, we have impressions of actors. But what I love about you is that you're a great person first. In the early days, I was struck by your kindness.

As evidenced when you called my dad for his birthday and pretty much made his year! I don't know who's more upset that the show could potentially end: He's always been this quiet support to me. Maybe that's why I love Lux and Baze's relationship so much. I love your dad. I love that your mom and dad come to set and support you and are into what you're doing. It's actually one of the things that made me feel very grateful to be working for you during the pilot.

Hollywood can seem so anti-family at times, and as a family man it was very comforting to see the creator share her professional life with her personal life.

kristoffer polaha dating

Plus, your dad is actually a really smart and interesting guy. I enjoy his set visits because I get to talk to someone about non-actor things. I heard he's flying from London to be an extra in the last episode.

He loves his baby girl. Okay, before we go, you have to answer the following questions: I like Bug, but he was mean to Lux. He was broken and you can't really blame him, but because he was so wounded, he lashed out at Lux.

Jones is the quarterback, he's Little Baze. I don't know, they both have served a very specific purpose in Baze's life. One made him want to be a better man, the other made him a better man. But history will favor Cate. I hate putting on the monkey suit.

Baze is a bar man. Cate's sister was more into it than Ryan's sister. Shower curtains, but that scene in season one when Baze brought the bong lamp to Lux was pretty cool, and tons of good Cate and Lux stuff—actually the attic.

The shower curtains are kinda ugly. Alright, you've successfully turned the proverbial table on me, but I like to do a little thing called the Kris Ten. You beat me to the punch, but it now seems appropriate to lay ten questions on you. Best place on earth? Lime Green, right now that's what my fingernails are today. I've rediscovered my Guster love! But I love NYC. Friday Night Lights or anything else?

Friday Night Lights, hands down.

kristoffer polaha dating

Season one of LUX or season two? You always love your first For Baze—Cate or Emma? Rolling Stones or The Beatles? Although I always forget one. Are you Cate or Lux? Half of each, for sure. And finally, the question everyone is dying to know the answer to: