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Main · Videos; X man haha byul dating del rey dating asap a ap rocky lana del rey dating asap la gata loca intro latino dating la gata loca intro latino dating. During her career to date, she has collaborated in the productions of artists such as Daddy which, according to the official website, sold over , copies in Latin America. Noche Loca; Torque; La Popola; Piedra Papel Tijera; Vamos A Perrearnos; Hagamos , Luny Tunes y Noriega: Mas Flow, "La Gata Suelta ". Lo Que La Vida Me Robo · La Malquerida · La Gata In the introduction, Mona makes it clear that the story to date, of life in been told before, from the women who live it, that is La Vida Loca. . As a Mexican American, growing up, there was little representation, least of all in Hollywood or even Latino TV.

Esmeralda is a young neighborhood girl who grew up without her parents and learned to be happy with what little she had.

She was raised from childhood by an elderly woman named Mrs. Rita who exploited her by making her go ask alms, sell candy and newspapers. Esmeralda could neither read nor write. Since then Esmeralda notices that he is the first person to call her by her name and the first person who really truly cares about her.

But Pablo's mother opposes his friendship with "The Stray Cat". Several years later, Esmeralda grows up and becomes a beautiful young woman who still does not read nor write and has not changed since childhood. Pablo realizes that his feelings for The Stray Cat are more than that of a friend and feels confused as to what he feels for Esmeralda.

Esmeralda starts looking for work, thanks to Pablo, as she does not want to keep asking alms and she does not want him to give her money. Lorenza, Pablo's mother, strongly opposes the friendship between Pablo and Esmeralda and alienates her from him.

Pablo and Esmeralda decide to marry secretly before he goes abroad. Pablo's father pretends to want to help him but has no interest in helping his son. Instead he plans to have Esmeralda kidnapped. Two men walk into Mrs. Everybody said Maribel should be Mousie because she was so little. The film, however, does not leave us wondering for long. In the next scene, the narration switches to Maribel. Maribel begins to tell the story of how Mona betrayed her by stealing her boyfriend, Ernesto, with whom she and Mona each end up having a child with.

From this moment on, the women become arch nemesis. The feud between them escalates to the point that Mona and Maribel agree to a duel to settle their beef once and for all. But in a change of heart, once face to face, neither woman actually has it in her to hurt the other. Their years of friendship, as it turns out, runs deeper than their love for Ernesto. And all I ever knew about Mousie and all she ever knew about me flashed before our eyes.

Ernesto sells drugs on the side to make money. He considers himself a businessman. But this night, a client shoots him, and Maribel and Mona lose not only the love of their lives, but their safety net. One evening, Mona and Maribel run into each other at the park. They take solace in each other and how much they each miss Ernesto. This is where their friendship picks up again. Enter Angelica, gang name Giggles. Giggles is a much older and wiser friend of the Locas. Giggles is released from jail after having served time for a crime she did not commit.

Giggles release from jail brings great excitement to Las Locas.

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They are counting on her to help them get their life in order. After picking up Giggles from jail, Las Locas take her to lunch. While catching up, Mona and Maribel reveal how financially difficult life has become without Ernesto. It is then that Giggles is surprised to learn that neither woman is aware of the lowrider truck Ernesto left behind, Suavecito, which Giggles suggests they sale to help with money. Upset that Ernesto hid a truck from them, Mona and Maribel begin to bicker.

Giggles becomes upset by the friends disrespect for one another and schools them. Giggles first reminds the women that they are never to put men before each other. Guys come and go. And If I learned anything, it was this: We girls need new skills because by the time our boys are 21 they are either in prison, or disabled, or dead. We gotta think about the future.

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Me, I really worked on my skills while I was away, and I know what I have to do. Computers are the key to the future. At first, they do not take the advice seriously. They even begin to resent Giggles for not wanting to continue on with the gang life. For a while, the Locas even avoid her, shunning her, but Giggles is persistent and eventually, the women have a wake up call and it is then that they begin to realize Giggles is right… Giggles quest to find work and become self-reliant, turns out to be harder than she realized it would be.

One night, frustrated by the dead ends, she visits an old friend, Sleepy Sr. While visiting Sleepy Sr. Upon hearing about her struggles to find work, he asks her to move in with him and he promises that whatever he has is hers and that she can lay her worries to rest by moving in with him. Giggles, however, is not interested. Never again in my life.

Giggles story is the center point of the film. Her realization that she must make her own way, to truly be free and secure, becomes the main theme by the end of the film as the other women finally come to the same realization.

Soon after her night with Sleepy Sr. Sleepy revealed to Giggles that the Locos have plans to enter the truck in a low rider competition. Giggles calls the Locos out for their selfishness, and points out to Sleepy Sr.

This is the first time the Locas hold a vote in the history of their gang. The women are so impressed by Giggles organization of the impromptu meeting, they begin to have a change of heart about her new maturity, and start to take her advice seriously. On their way, the women finally have a heart to heart about who Ernesto really was. Mona asks Maribel why she thinks Ernesto kept the truck a secret.

Mona points that he likely used it to pick up girls.

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Mona at first is hesitant accept this about Ernesto, but Maribel challenges her, pointing out that just as he cheated on each of them with the other, he likely did the same to them both with other women.

Mona, realizing Maribel has a point, finally accepts this truth. Upon seeing the truck, Suavecito, the women are filled with excitement. They imagine all the places they can go in it, like taking the kids to the beach, or to buy groceries and do laundry. The Locos jump to conclusions, and without concrete proof, decide a rival gang member, el Duran, who had been eyeing the truck, stole it.