Living vicariously through daughter dating

The warning signs: Are you living vicariously through your children? -

living vicariously through daughter dating

Many times a codependent parent will live vicariously through a child. For example, a mother who got pregnant in her teen years may demand. Mothers who live vicariously through their daughter's sexuality In My Humble Opinion (IMHO) Join Date: Oct Location: Vic, Australia. Living Vicariously through Children with a Twist The adult child living out his or her parent's dream is in a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't position.

This is their life NOT yours. What you dress your child in does NOT define them. Children should be themselves…not who you wish them to be! All children have something that makes them extra special.

living vicariously through daughter dating

Find activities that your child is good at and truly enjoys. This is what will make them feel good about themselves. Did you know that High School athletes who reach pro sports are almost as rare as lottery winners? Yet fame and fortune resulting from your kids' athletic success or music, for example, only comes if they have the talent and determination to reach that level and, most importantly, if the opportunity gives rise.

I'm not saying that your children shouldn't dream big if they don't aim for the stars, they may not even get to the top of the hillbut that shouldn't be your entire focus as parents.

Life today is so very demanding. Be careful that you are not in danger of pushing your kids harder and harder, even when they may not be prepared for the increased demands.

Their development can't be rushed; the necessary time and effort has to be put in and your children have to be allowed to develop at their own pace, or like the little nine-year-old goalkeeper, it could all end in tears. Kids who become victims of a vicarious parent can end up not only playing below their abilities because of the anxiety they experience, but end up disliking the sport or activity entirely, and then what was it all for?

Ask yourself are you pushing your child to play a sport or an instrument even when the child doesn't really want to anymore. Be honest about this for a minute. Is your child playing only to please you? He may say he wants to play just because he knows that's what you want. Does he dread practices, games or performances? Does he not ever want to talk about the activity?

What do the answers tell you? Also know that kids are often intimidated to tell their parents they are being pushed too hard, so just because they haven't said anything doesn't mean you're not doing it. It's so important to positive parent from the sidelines by modelling supportive behaviour - cheer and be supportive, rather than yelling and humiliating kids from the audience. At the end of the day, we have to remember that this whole parenting lark is not about us, but about passing on a legacy of character and integrity, of hard work and good responses to what life throws at us.

Parents from that generation are simply unaware of how detrimental their approach was to us. It seems to me, like all the articles I stumble upon, merely tell you as a child what you could do differently, and not so much what they could do differently. And to be honest it is becoming tiresome. I wish there was a way to let these people see the reality of what they have done.

And just back off.

Living Vicariously Through Your Children? - Mommybites

I find myself obsessively reading such material these days, because as I am about to become a mother myself, I feel that the time has come for me to break free from this burden and be clear headed as I raise my son. I don't want to have to raise my son, while I struggle to keep my parents at their place. As many women in my situation can probably confirm, as a grandson appears, grandparents tend to intrude even further into a child's life, and believe they are even more entitled to interfere and impose their way of thinking and their own personality.

It would be an enormous endeavour to describe all the ways both my parents fit the descriptions of the above article, but as many of the people present here have stated, it really feels like a perfect description of my upbringing. I find myself more stressed than a pregnant woman should be, because I am afraid I will find it impossible to keep my stance in front of these people as the pregnancy progresses and as the child will come into this world.

Absolutely 3 weeks ago I work with my dad while slaving away to be a software developer. I work with him every step of the way, but there are some days I have to stay and study in order not to get behind. I tell him I only need part time hours he agrees and tries to suck me back in. I can do my job well and make enough to keep a roof over my head while I study. He tries to paint the picture that he is unable to do his job without my help, that he has done for 30 years, well before me being born.

He is always the victim and always needing more.

8 Signs You May Have a Codependent Parent

Give him an inch and he takes everything. Seems like I am helping him out rather than him helping me out. I wish I could reach out to some of the posters on here and ask for advice.

living vicariously through daughter dating

Lately here passive aggressive remarks are the worst. I have no idea how to set boundaries because she plays the victim. The only thing I can think of is straight up ignore her when she being negative to the point of it being uncomfortable and rude.

Please read this just so you know what not to do. Anon 3 months ago well reading this makes me positive my mother is a codependent. Dominique james36 3 months ago Ughh, dont even know where to start My mom tries so hard not to be like her mom that she doesnt realize she acts just like her So at age 13,we were moved to another state Yeah well, i grew up wit no family but my mom.

Mom kinda disappears, she's in "All about me" mode. Now shes clubbing 4 nights a wk. I was homeless as a teenager, now everything she couldn't provide for me as a CHILD, im expected too do for a 50yr old?!?

living vicariously through daughter dating

Codependant parents u are breaking your children down, it sucks We owe u nothing, we didn't ask to be here. How are we ever suppose to get our lives together constantly dealing with the issues from yours? Signed - A woman ready to live out her own purpose in life Brandy 4 months ago I have a codependent mother that has always leaned on me.

As a child I lived with my mom and my alcoholic father. My dad was verbally abusive to my brother and mother but so much to me. However, I was molested by my father. My mother found out about the molesting years after it ended but decided to do nothing about it. I was diagnosed with Manic Depressant Disorder at the age of 16 but always knew how to function despite the challenges I faced. My mother did nothing to help me through any of the challenges but always wanted me to be there for her emotionally.

I remember the codependency being as bad as me being responsible for laying out clothes for her whenever there was something outside of work that she needed to do. She always depended on me to tell her what her next move was. Fast forward to adulthood.

The warning signs: Are you living vicariously through your children?

I am 35 years old, married for 13 years and have 4 beautiful children with one on the way. My mother has lived with me several times and each time expected to not have to help out financially.

living vicariously through daughter dating

I moved out of my home state about 5 years ago leaving my mother behind. Prior to moving my mother lived with me but was able to move in with a friend. Two years into my move my mother ask to move out of state with me to help with child care and give me an opportunity to get my business up and running.

She agreed to get her won place within a year but she has now been living with us for 3 years. She has to be told to clean and help out and only help financially when asked. She only helps with care for my children when asked and never goes anywhere unless I go with her. I am struggling mentally at this point because I feel unappreciated and used, How do I get her to move out and live her own life?

Every time that I try to talk to her she cries and plays the victim. I can't take this anymore. Traci Mark 4 months ago My mother is a codependent parent who took advantage of me and ruined my life ad I know it. Anon 5 months ago I had a codependent and mentally ill mother who committed suicide when I was My younger daughter suffers from anxiety and depression, I had to sell my house to pay tuition at a private school, spend down all my savings to support both girls in their same lifestyle after I finally divorced their father.

I am trying every day to turn away from the trauma of their emotional abuse, and be just a normal, happy, loving single parent My younger daughter suffers so much from anxiety and depression, and we are so enmeshed. Laura Mekins 6 months ago Wow. This article is enlightening.

living vicariously through daughter dating