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Guys, You Can Help Stop Teen Dating Violence Before It Starts.. 6. Guys, You Can Be Victims Legal Protection For Victims Of Teen Dating Violence 10 . DATING. VIOLENCE. STOP ABUSE FOR EVERYONE. A HUMAN RIGHTS AGENCY. Approximately 1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men have experienced physical. especially susceptible to becoming targets of dating violence and abuse. The curriculum is broken down into four lessons (45 minutes each) with handouts.

Having honest and open discussions with teenagers instead of avoiding them out of fear of feeling awkward or uncomfortable, is in the best interests of everyone.

Through these two-sided talks we can not only learn more ourselves, but we can also teach about healthy relationships. We can arm teens with knowledge about how to create boundaries for themselves as well as look out for others who might be experiencing abuse.

Or, how and when to seek help, either for themselves or others? A recent study based out of the University of Calgary discovered similar findings.

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Deinera Exner-Cortens, who led the study, expressed her concern that many adolescents may not even recognize that what they are experiencing is dating violence. Her study, which showed that teens who experience violence in dating relationships are more likely to suffer from domestic abuse as adults, is a wake-up call.

This education needs to teach teens about the various forms that violence can take. Dating violence can be physical, but it can also be emotional, psychological or sexual.

Young women have a tendency to minimize behaviours of boyfriends or young men who do things like cyberstalk them, text them obsessively, demand that they stay away from certain friends or wear particular clothing. Romanticizing jealousy can be a catalyst for increasingly controlling and abusive behaviour and can cause many to believe that their toxic relationship is normal. Signs of Teen Dating Violence Signs of dating violence can vary, but there are some particular signs teens should be aware of when it comes to their own relationships or those of close friends.

Intense or suffocating jealousy: Extreme jealousy and insecurity can lead to a partner trying to take over all your time, keeping you away from friends and even family.

Sexual Harassment as defined in the Loyola University Student Handbook is defined as sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct or communication of a sexual nature when: Sexual submission is made a term or condition, explicitly, or implicitly of obtaining employment, services, or education.

Sexual conduct or communication is of such a nature that it creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive or educational environment. Sexual harassment may occur within a variety of relationships. These relationships may or may not involve unequal authority, as between supervisors to employees supervised, faculty members to students, residence hall staff to student residents, and student leaders to other students.

However, allegations of sexual harassment will be scrutinized, regardless of the relationship of a complainant, to an alleged offender. All members of the Loyola University community are encouraged to utilize the procedures set forth in the Statement of Policy and Procedures on Sexual Harassment. A complete policy and procedural statement is available in the Office of Student Affairs.

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Silence alone, without actionsevidencing permission, does not demonstrate consent. While consent may be expressed by words or byactions, it is highly recommended that consent be expressed and obtained verbally. As a result they are more likely to help in the future.

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Campus Programs Addressing Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking

Advocates are both compassionate and knowledgeable, and they can provide the vital link between persons in need and available resources. The Rave Guardian Campus Safety App transforms mobile phones on your campus into personal safety devices. Guardian enhances safety on campus through a virtual safety network of friends, family, and campus safety.

Panic Button — direct immediate connection to campus safety with GPS location and personal profile information. Students can set a Rave Guardian Timer. During a Timer session Guardians and Campus Safety can check status of student. Procedures If you are sexually assaulted or if you are a victim of domestic violence, dating violence or stalking: Insure your physical safety.

Even if you do not think that you have been physically injured, medical assistance is important for two reasons: Once reported, a full police investigation will follow. Victims may utilize both the university adjudication system and the criminal justice system to confront the actions of the attacker.

In the event that the victim is female, all efforts will be made to have a female LUPD officer present upon request. Seek emotional support from friends, relatives, and counselors. Counseling for survivors of sexual assault is available through the University Counseling Center. Additional supports include trained Advocates, University Ministry staff, or community-based centers such as the Metropolitan Center for Women and Children and the Crescent House.

Although this is always the sole decision of the victim, we encourage you to report the crime. The University Police will provide assistance in notifying the appropriate off-campus law enforcement agency and assist in the investigation where possible, if you so choose. Seek assistance from the Office of Student Affairs or Human Resources if you need emergency housing or if you must change your on-campus living arrangements, transportation, and working situations if requested and reasonably available regardless of whether you, the victim, chooses to report the crime to campus police or local law enforcement.

If you decide to pursue campus disciplinary action: A disciplinary hearing will then be scheduled. Both the accuser and the accused may have an advisor present with them throughout the proceedings.

Dating Violence: A Teen Issue

An interim restraining order, prohibiting parties involved in the disciplinary proceeding from intentionally contacting, telephoning, or otherwise disturbing the accuser or others specifically named, may be issued by the Vice President for Student Affairs or a designee or a representative from Human Resources. The standard of evidence that will be used during any university conduct proceeding arising from such a report will be the preponderance of evidence.

A preponderance of evidence has been described as just enough evidence to make it more likely than not that the fact the claimant seeks to prove is true.

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In appropriate cases, disciplinary procedures may be initiated. The applicable disciplinary procedure depends on the status of the individual whose conduct is in question.

For example, faculty is subject to the Faculty Handbook at http: For additional information related to student judicial affairs, see: Both parties receive simultaneous written notice of the outcome in the form of a redacted copy of the decision. The Clery Act requires, and FERPA permits, the University to inform the complainant of the University's final determination and any disciplinary sanctions imposed on the pertetrator in a sexual violence cases as opposed to all harassment and misconduct covered by Title IX not just those sanctions that directly relate to the complainant.

The law requires institutions of higher education to issue a statement advising the campus community where law enforcement agency information provided by a State concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained.

It also requires sex offenders already required to register in a State to provide notice of each institution of higher education in that State at which the person is employed, carries on a vocation, or is a student.