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RollerCoaster Tycoon Rides, 2 Roller Coasters, 1 Transport Ride, 1 Water Ride. The mess you have to deal with in Ivory Tower looks overwhelming as there's. Main · Videos; Anime games for dating sovitia dating · textavarp dating · rct 1 ivory towers dating · marriage not dating ep 1 eng sub full screen · mimoza. Download user-created parks for RollerCoaster Tycoon.

You can either put a freeform boat hire at the small lake near the entrance or edit Canoes so it has a connected track. After that, set down bathrooms and food stalls all over the place. You should have around four to five bathrooms to accommodate everybody and three to four food and drink stands to keep people nourished. Be very careful not to put food stands near Force Nine. Since it rains often, it may be best to build a coaster with some underground portions.

The best area to build one is near Station 2 of the monorail as there's two hills with high land for your coaster to go through. You will need to do some clever construction to around the monorail, but it shouldn't be too difficult.

The empty area around the lake is also another good spot for track-based rides. Try to avoid going near Force Nine if you build there as Suspended Roller Coasters require a lot of room so they're not very flexible to go around. That said, it's better to go over a Suspended Roller Coaster instead of under. When you first clean up all the mess and fix all the benches and lights, you should see a dramatic increase in your park rating and guest attendance.

Ivory Towers/Scenario Guide

Keep the increasing guest attendance along by building new rides as quickly as possible as well as advertising your park with free coupons. Focus research on thrill and gentle rides for more covered rides like the Observation Tower and the Motion Simulator.

When profits are very high, you can build another roller coaster in the dense forest at one corner of the park if you're willing to chop down a lot of trees.

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Strategy Ivory Towers is an extremely huge park with lots of space to build rides and attractions. This is a peculiarly hard scenario at the start because you must fix everything before anything else and if you don't do it properly, you might have a disadvantage in time.

You should pause the game immediately and hire lots of handymen and some security guards, placing them throughout the park.

Take the opportunity to set your research properly and adjust the settings and pricing of the pre-built rides.

Ivory Towers | RollerCoaster Tycoon | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Monorail is a good transport ride for such a large park and has a reasonable Excitement Rating. The Boat Hire can be redesigned if you want to, but there's nothing wrong in not demolishing it. As for the coasters, they're reasonably well designed; they're not spetacular but will be your main source of money at the beginning.

Right after you unpause the game, make "Tree Topper", the Steel Mini Roller Coaster, have only one train as it can break down with Station Brakes Failure or then set a safety mechanic patroling the exit and add brakes before the station. Then, while your handymen handle the huge amount of litter and vomit, start replacing the vandalised objects throughout the park and make sure to place bathrooms, food and drink stalls in every area you feel the need for them.

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The Suspended Roller Coaster is really too intense and if you really want to, you can remove it. The good thing about doing so is that the back area will be a lot emptier and easier to build in building coasters or even pathways can prove to be really tricky because of the height measurement of this type of coaster.

With the money you get for it, you can build a new roller coaster in the same place easily.

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However, if you change the trains on Hurricane to two cars, it will be less intense due to reduced velocity, and should be a popular and profitable coaster. In the event of a Safety Cut-Out, however, you may run across stalled trains at the end of the track.