Angel eyes episode 18 online dating

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angel eyes episode 18 online dating

Angel Eyes Ep 18 Recap. We continue from where our episode ended last night. When Dong-Joo hears that Soo-Wan is planning not to let. At the end of the last episode, Soo Wan angrily gets out of the car and starts walking down the street. Dong Joo pulls her out of the way before a. Angel Eyes. Drama | TV Series Episode Guide. 20 episodes · Angel Eyes Poster Angel Eyes () . Park Hye Joo 1 episode, Release Date.

When Min Soo enters and sits at the table with Ji Woon, he confesses it all. He admits to being the hit-and-run driver. Min Soo tells him he just admitted to murder and arrests him. Dong Joo exits the interrogation room and tells Ji Woon he does not believe him.

Ji Woon is released and feels terribly guilty. She states her actions were justified as she was only protecting her child. Dong Joo rejects her logic.

Angel Eyes

How did you do such a thing? As a doctor and a parent, how could you do such a terrible thing, then live as if nothing had happened? He thought the same until the day he died. For his child, he would have committed murder. Thinking of my mother gives me warmth, and strength.

Her embrace was always ready for me. What was your love for Ji Woon? Do you think Ji Woon is happy and thankful for your love? You need to be sorry to all of us mom, sister, Soo Wan and her father. But the person you need to feel the most anguish and regret towards is your own son. Oh the things she said to him in anger, that she would never forgive him, that he was a terrible person, etc.

That answers the question, what do I mean to Father? Dong Joo remembers all the good times with Father and dissolves into tears. Dong Joo and Ji Woon talk. Ji Woon apologizes for himself and his mother. Ji Woon asks Dong Joo to take care of the hospital as he is taking a leave of absence. He tells him the burden of guilt over his actions will never leave him.

Dong Joo takes Soo Wan to the country.

angel eyes episode 18 online dating

They walk in the woods like they did before, they chat in the cabin like they did before. Soo Wan, my daughter, the happiest day of my life was the day I met you. When I touched your hands, I began a new life as a Dad. Soo Wan, responsibilities always follow a decision. You reveal yourself through your decisions. My wrong decision forced me to painfully reflect on the kind of man I was.

They've come through incredible adversity together and now it's time to be happy again. Ji Woon is an interesting character, finally. Rather than merely being the second lead, he is now the repentant villain of the piece. I like how he is shocked by his mother's schemes, but I'm not really sure why he copped to all of it. True, no one bought it, but what did he hope to achieve by confessing to his mother's crimes as well?

Shouldering the burden so that she wouldn't have to? It would ruin their family either way, so that can't be the motive. Might it have had to do with the guilt once he found out his mother committed crime after crime to hide his involvement?

angel eyes episode 18 online dating

He sees Hye Joo as an extremely desirable woman and when his sunbae rejects Hye Joo's advances, that makes him seem to Teddy like a first class jerk. I find that development almost funny since that's an odd position to take. I think that would be the time to move in and confess your feelings now that Woon Chan has made it pretty obvious that he's not interested. I like that Woon Chan is doing the responsible thing rather than stringing her along.

I like this show. Oh Young-Ji hears all this and panics and packs up her clother to leave when Ji-Woon walked in, she tells her son to pack up and go to Melbourne Hospital. Ji-Woon asked why and his mom just shouted at her to do what she says, so he just agrees and helped her packed to calm her down and drove away. He then calls Min-Soo.

angel eyes episode 18 online dating

At the police station, we see that Dong-Joo is being lead to a back room where he can see Ji-Woon and Min-Soon talking at the next room. Ji-Woon started confessing that he was the one who was driving the car that hit Jung Hwa, because he was so scared he ran away and left her. As Ji-Woon goes out of the room, Dong-Joo blocks him and tells him that it doesnt make any sense but Ji-Woon just apologized. Min-Soo pulls him to walk away but dr.

The next scene shows us all of them are at a separate rooms and the police are all getting their statments. The next morning when Ji-Woon walks out of the station, Min-Soo approached him. Min-Soo meets up with Dong-Joo and explained to him that it was confirmed that Dr. Dong-Joo goes to the prison and visited Dr.

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Young-Ji and talked to her: As a doctor and a parent, how could you commit such an unthinkable act and live as if nothing had happened? I thought that the Director had killed her even the director had thought that and passed away with that knowledge. If I return to that moment, whether I would make a different choice.

He asked her what was her love like to Ji-Woon? Kang Ji-Woon be thankful and happy with the love she gave him? As he rises to leave he parts with the words: My mom, my sister and me, Soo Wan, including the Director, you will have to be sorry to all of us. However, the person you have to be sorriest to seems to be Dr.

Back at the house, Dong-Joo tells Soo-Wan that he is ready to forgive the director now. Then she walks out and went to her room. Soo-Wan has a flashback to the time that she told her father that she will never forgive him, she cries while uttering the words: He longingly calls him father as the tears flows.

As they walked out of the cafe, Ji-Woon tells Dong-Joo that he will probably live with the guilt for the rest of his life and that he wont worry about Soo-Wan because he knows Dong-Joo is beside her.

angel eyes episode 18 online dating

The next scene shows us that Dong-Joo is driving with Soo-Wan to somewhere.