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die reise nach kafiristan online dating

Dec 3, showing should be relevant for their evaluation and if these dates are available they made “Die Reise nach Kafiristan [Journey to Kafiristan]” (), a road movie, . Boxhammer, Ingeborg: Lesbian Traces in Film [online]. Die Reise nach Kafiristan Poster . Release Date: Referenced in Kinomagazin : In der Wüste - Dreharbeiten zu 'Die Reise nach Kafiristan' () See more». Main · Videos; Urassaya sperbund and nadech kugimiya dating die reise nach kafiristan online dating · filmul corbel mantuirea online dating · radio delta fm.

The main actors are mostly Yugoslav and British, with one Iranian playing an important character role. But the smallest parts and the extras are mostly people from northern Afghanistan.

die reise nach kafiristan online dating

This is as authentic as you will get with a western film from the pre period note: As for the languages used, the foreigners speak in English, and local interlocutors speak it as well.

Dari is also spoken, with some strange results as the film is shot in Afghanistan, but with some story segments being set in southern Russia. This leads to an incongruous scene when a pakol-wearing man, the British actor Bruce Myers playing a Russian character, haggles over prices in Dari with an obviously Afghan man in what is supposed to be a market in southern Russia.

And what of the film itself? It is not a conventional film, and some will find it boring or confusing, littered with metaphysical and spiritual jargon. Soon after production ended on this film, Afghanistan descended into war. And the fate of the main actor, Dragan Maksimovic shown below on the bridgeprovides a tragic end note to the larger story. In in Belgrade, skinhead football hooligans beat him to death on the street in a racist attack, mistaking the dark-skinned actor for a Roma Gypsy.

Despite everything Afghan about this film, it is not about Afghanistan or Afghans, it is about the spiritual quest of a troubled young man from the Russian Empire. There is indeed a movie that appears to be yet another story about foreigners in Afghanistan, but that eventually incorporates more and more about Afghans as the story progresses. For many, it is the most well-known film about Afghanistan: This movie, shot mostly on location in Israel, is very simple.

See Rambo play buzkashi: And, if you are unaware of the plot of this film, it is this: Afghans good; Soviets bad; Americans heroic.

The story is about Rambo coming to Afghanistan to rescue his former commander from a Soviet prison, and deciding sometime along the way that he cares about the Afghans.

die reise nach kafiristan online dating

Rambo III has not passed the test of time as has the highly rated and engaging first film in the Rambo series, First Blood.

Nevertheless, the film is a remarkable piece of independently-produced anti-Soviet propaganda: What is most remarkable is that this film was not in the interest of American foreign policy-makers. Perhaps it would have been if it was released inbut not by when it premiered. Stallone also remarked on the oft noted claim that Rambo fought alongside the Taleban or al-Qaeda, despite the fact that neither of those organisations existed in the s.

I was not happy with Rambo 3…because who knew that the guys I go in and save have become Al Qaeda and the guy I was supposed to be talking to was Bin Laden; that was a bad move.

die reise nach kafiristan online dating

Stallone is grossly mistaken here. However, there are some moments that may be awkward viewing for a post American audience. Moving along, what can be said about the Afghans in this movie? The Afghan content is higher than in the films reviewed above, but the Afghans are still only sidekicks to the American and his story.

The final shot in the film is this sentiment, the filmmakers telling the world about Afghanistan: Like Rambo III, it also lacks in subtlety, at least at the very beginning — as demonstrated by the opening scene when Soviet forces attack a village.

If the anti-Soviet and anti-war imagery of the first few minutes of this American movie is not enough for the viewer, the next scene is a gruesome sequence where Soviet tankers place an Afghan under their tank treads and slowly run him over. Where this film is different is in the development of the Afghan characters as the film switches back and forth between a Soviet tank crew and the villagers who try to hunt them down.

Alongside his father, played by Indian actor Kabir Bedi above, comforting his sonTaj reluctantly joins with a band of local mujahedin, but only after voicing his displeasure at their bad reputation. As the Afghans pursue the Soviets, the filmmakers take advantage of the scenery provided by the Israeli desert filming location: If the viewer can imagine that the location for this fictional story might be in far southern or southeastern Afghanistan, then the desert scenes may be believable in terms of the similarities between the Afghan and Israeli desert.

Regarding the languages spoken in this film, the viewer must just accept that the Russian characters speak English with American accents. The Afghans in this film speak Pashto. Rather, the actors, assisted by a Pashto language coach, are from Cuba, India and Israel. This film, while comparable to Rambo III, is far superior in exploring the nuances of Afghanistan, its culture and its history.

Treated with extreme suspicion by the Soviet commander, the Afghan communist is played with empathy by the Indian-born actor Erick Avari: The Afghan soldier tells the most sympathetic of the Soviets about Pashtun culture, which provides one of the overarching themes for this film. The Afghan describes its components simply: This obvious foreshadowing lets the viewer know that all of these concepts will be demonstrated as the film progresses.

The village women, deprived by the Soviets of their homes, decide to start their own quest for revenge: But all these concepts have their limits: The man who wrote the play on which the film is based, William Mastrosimone, actually visited Afghanistan in with the help of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.

Here Mastrosimone witnessed, on his first day in the country, the mujahedin executing eleven Soviet prisoners who were captured during an attack on a Soviet armoured column.

die reise nach kafiristan online dating

One of the Afghans justified the execution with a quote from the Quran, with no mention of Pashtunwali. After this, the New Jersey writer Mastrosimone was alternately left for dead by his Afghan guides and then rescued by Afghan villagers after becoming sick in the mountains. Hospitality is flexible, and depends on the circumstances. Eventually, pragmatism wins out over badal: He again asks for nanawatai, but this time he asks as a guest of Taj, not as a prisoner.

Finally, the fate of the Soviet tank commander is decided when he is confronted by those most motivated by revenge note: See scene here The Soviets, aside from the one sympathetic character played by Jason Patric, are portrayed as cruel invaders. Even this film, with the Afghans occupying an equal part of the story alongside the Soviet tank crew, is still not entirely or even mostly about Afghans.

Films set in Afghanistan, but not at all about Afghans The setting for a film may play only a small part. This is the case for many films that are a study of relationships and inner character development. A case in point here is the limited role that Afghanistan plays in the German-language film Die Reise nach Kafiristan The Journey to Kafiristanwhich is based on a true story. The plot, described in the briefest possible manner, follows two Swiss writers, both looking to get away from the atmosphere of rising fascism in Europe in the late s while pursuing their own personal goals.

The beginning of the film, with Ella searching a British library for maps of Kafiristan, makes it appear as if a region of Afghanistan is to be prominently featured. Kafiristan is even described for the viewer who may not be familiar with this archaic name for Nuristan: What is immediately notable about the depiction of Afghanistan are the scenes of nature and architecture.

Unable, for obvious reasons, to shoot the film in Afghanistan in andthe filmmakers chose Uzbekistan and Jordan as stand-ins with beautiful, if not completely authentic, results: Arriving at Bagram via northern Afghanistan, Ella meets the Luxembourger-French archaeologist Joseph Hackinwho gives her some devastating news: Hackin packs up his excavations at Bagram and heads to the French Legation in Kabul, and then onward the next year to organise Free French forces and, ultimately, to his death in Europe.

Ella, her dreams of Kafiristan crushed, is then abandoned by Annemarie, who flees to Kabul in search of morphine. From there the film moves towards its denouement. Afghans are almost completely invisible, only shown walking by in the distance.

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If anybody is looking for a movie about Afghanistan, this is not it. Afghanistan is used a plot device of a far-off and unknown destination. The movie is about the relationship between Ella and Annemarie, and the filmmakers do not pretend to be making a film on Afghanistan.

In fact, the idea of a journey Kafiristan as a metaphor for finding peace of mind is clearly hinted at throughout the movie. For those viewers that know Afghanistan, some parts of this film may be distracting.

Die reise nach kafiristan online dating

Unfortunately, you still can not leave or arrive to Afghanistan by train, unless you are hauling cargo between Uzbekistan and Mazar-i Sharif. Overall, Journey to Kafiristan is a good, though somewhat slow, film. But it is not a film about Afghanistan, and it is certainly not a film about Afghans.

A film entirely about Afghans However, there is one western film from the pre era that is entirely about Afghans, takes place in Afghanistan, and is shot in Afghanistan. This is the epic film The Horsemen Spanish poster shown. The Horsemen merits its own entire review. It is alternately amazing and preposterous. Why ShareMovies is one who is not being able to read their profile and photo that kaviristan how we.

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